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The Beefeater logo shows elegance and strength. The inscription elements indicate different concentrations of alcohol and perfectly balanced taste qualities that attract more and more connoisseurs to the drink from past centuries to the present.

Beefeater: Brand overview

Founder:James Burrough Ltd.
London, United Kingdom
Beefeater is an alcoholic brand that produces gin of various strengths. It appeared in 1876, but its foundations were laid even earlier – in 1820. It was then that the Taylor family opened the Chelsea distillery. In 1863, James Burrough bought the establishment and created a distillery on its basis. In 1987, the trademark was acquired by the British company Whitbread plc, and in 2005 by the French spirits producer Pernod Ricard.

Meaning and History

Beefeater Symbol

The iconic brand logo has survived to our time in its original form. Like a century and a half ago, the label is adorned with a large red Beefeater inscription. This word is the unofficial name for the guards of the Tower of London.

The logo of this trademark consists of the word “Beefeater” and its graphic decoding. Above is the name, and below it is an ancient warrior with a spear. This is the same, “beefeater.” Otherwise, they are called the Yeomen Warders – a separate corps of the English palace and fortress guards to protect the royals and participate in various ceremonies. They are bodyguards, which is why they are secretly referred to as Royal Bodyguards.

What is Beefeater?

Beefeater is a British brand of gin with a vegetable flavor. Its flavors include coriander seeds, angelica, juniper, lemon peel, almonds, and other natural ingredients. It has been produced since 1863 but officially registered in 1876. It is produced by James Burrough Ltd. and distributed by Pernod Ricard.

The guard stands in full ammunition. On his clothes are depicted traditional ornaments – the royal crown and the heraldic emblem of Tudor rose, or English rose. It is directly related to the royal dynasty of Tudors, which ruled in England for over a century (almost 120 years). Her representative, King Henry VII, formed the guard, the guard of which still flaunts on the bottles with the legendary British gin.

Above is the brand’s full name and the type of alcoholic drink, because originally, this was the name for an alcoholic tincture with nine ingredients. But before that, the word “beefeater” stood for the guards of the Tower of London. It was originally their nickname given to them for their addiction to meat.

The bodyguard warriors were well fed to carry out their duties, which is why there are two versions of the origin of the guard’s name and, therefore, the brand. One by one, the guards’ nickname comes from the phrase “beef-eaters,” meaning “meat-eaters.” On the other – from the phrase “bef or beffy,” fatty, hearty, and strong meat broths in the royal soldiers’ diet. Now, this is the name of the brand of gin and its manufacturer.

Also, the logo reflects Beefeater’s close relationship with London. The city’s name is depicted in black strict sans serif type, due to which it looks contrasting. Another iconic detail is the personal signature of James Burrough, the very founder of the brand. This is a tribute to historical memory and centuries-old traditions that Pernod Ricard has tried to preserve.

Beefeater: Interesting Facts

Beefeater Gin has been a big name in the spirits world since the 19th century, and it is known for its London Dry Gin.

  1. How It Started: James Burrough, a pharmacist who turned to distilling, founded Beefeater in the mid-1800s. The name comes from the Beefeaters, the ceremonial guards at the Tower of London, showing its strong London roots.
  2. What It’s Known For: Beefeater makes London Dry Gin, which is famous for its aromatic taste. It’s made with natural botanicals and no artificial flavors or colors.
  3. Secret Recipe: The recipe for Beefeater Gin, which includes nine botanicals like juniper and lemon peel, is a well-kept secret. These ingredients are soaked for 24 hours before being distilled, giving the gin its unique taste.
  4. Kennington Distillery: Beefeater’s distillery in Kennington, London, is one of the city’s last gin distilleries and a popular spot for gin fans.
  5. Awards: Beefeater is among the most awarded gin brands, winning many international accolades for its quality and taste.
  6. New Flavors: Beefeater has introduced new types of gin over time, like Beefeater 24 with Japanese sencha and Chinese green tea and Beefeater Pink, which is strawberry-flavored. These show the brand’s innovation while sticking to its traditional gin-making process.
  7. Royal Approval: The Queen of England has given Beefeater a Royal Warrant, marking it as a supplier to the Royal Household and underscoring its high status.
  8. Bottle Design: Beefeater’s bottle, with its image of a Yeoman Warder and bright red label, is iconic and reflects its London heritage.
  9. Cultural Icon: Beefeater Gin isn’t just known for its taste and place in culture; it appears in books, movies, and songs as a symbol of London and British elegance.

These points show why Beefeater gins are so important in the gin world, with their long history, commitment to quality, and impact on gin culture globally.

Font and Colors

Beefeater Emblem

The designers chose an elongated font with miniature serifs for the Beefeater logo, which are almost invisible. The font is simple but decorated originally. The fact is that they are depicted in the form of sharp ends and look harmoniously on the letters. Classic letters with short, sharp serifs appear three-dimensional due to the peculiarities of the coloring. The word is written in uppercase with minimal space between characters. At the same time, “R” resembles as much as possible a walking guardsman – the trademark mascot after which it is named.

The letters are uneven in size: “B” and “R” are the longest, “FEA” is the shortest. Because of this, the inscription resembles an arch. This design has been used for a long time – since the foundation of the brand.

The emblem’s color is also associated with the separate corps of the English palace and fortress guards, the Yeomen Warders. Its representatives now wear a uniform of deep red color, like blood and like a heraldic rose. The combination of scarlet and burgundy forms smooth edges that divide each line in two. The logo also uses black, white, and a light golden hue.


What spirit is Beefeater?

Beefeater is a London Dry Gin known for its clean flavor with bold juniper and strong citrus notes. The brand uses a traditional process where botanicals are steeped in alcohol for 24 hours before distillation. This method integrates the flavors well.

Founded in London by James Burrough, it has a long history. Its name comes from the Yeoman Warders, the ceremonial guards of the Tower of London, reflecting its London heritage.

Gin is added to classic cocktails like gin and tonic, martini, and negroni. Its versatility makes it popular with bartenders and gin lovers. The brand’s commitment to quality and tradition has earned it many awards and a top reputation in the gin world.

Why is it named Beefeater?

The name “Beefeater” comes from the Yeomen Warders, the ceremonial guards of the Tower of London. This name reflects a strong connection to London’s history. The Yeomen Warders were called “Beefeaters” because they received large daily beef rations while serving at the royal court.

James Burrough chose this name to highlight British tradition and heritage. The name stands for strength, reliability, and a deep connection to London. In their unique uniforms, the Yeomen Warders are iconic symbols of British history, much like the gin itself.

What does the Beefeater logo mean?

The logo features a letter B with a spear at the top. This design connects deeply with the brand’s name and heritage. The term “beefeater” refers to the guards of the Tower of London, known as the Yeomen Warders, who are seen with spears.

The spear in the logo represents these guards’ historical roles and duties. It shows the brand’s link to British history and tradition. The letter B stands for the brand’s name, making it easy to recognize and reinforcing its identity.

This combination of the letter B and the spear visually represents the brand’s heritage. It reflects strength, protection, and connection to London’s history.

What is the Beefeater logo?

The logo has three levels, each highlighting the brand’s identity and heritage.

At the top is a red letter, “B,” pierced with a spear, flanked by symmetrical lines. The “B” stands for the brand’s name, and the spear represents the Yeomen Warders, known as Beefeaters, who guard the Tower of London. The spear is part of their traditional uniform.

The brand name, “Beefeater,” is in the middle, shaped like an arch. The designers used two shades of red to make the name stand out and give it a bold look. At the bottom is the word “LONDON” in black, emphasizing the brand’s strong ties to the city’s heritage and history.

What is the font of the Beefeater logo?

The font of the Beefeater logo is unique and customized. The word “BEEFEATER” is arched, which changes the proportions of the letters in length and width. This design uses a bold font with short triangular serifs, making the brand name stand out.

The word “LONDON” is written in a standard sans serif typeface. This typeface resembles Miller Type Foundry’s Uniform Bold, GT&CANARY’s Mirai Bold, or Wiescher-Design’s Dylan XBold. The sans serif style for “LONDON” is simple and contrasts well with the more complex design of the brand name.