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Biotherm Logo

Biotherm Logo
Biotherm Logo PNG

Biotherm is a cosmetic brand owned by L’Oréal. It develops and manufactures face and body care products based on thermal water products. The brand appeared in the early 50s of the last century. Today he represents the Luxury Products category, and his logo is known throughout most of the world.

Meaning and History

Biotherm Symbol

The logo of a brand is its sign because its name is its central element. It demonstrates the importance of the company and informs buyers about it. During the entire existence of the company, it has had one individual mark.

The logo consists of two equivalent parts: text and graphic element. The word “Biotherm” is original, which makes the logo unique. He has two letters connected – “H” and “E.” The designers made them a common part that sets them apart.

There is a wide, wavy black line at the bottom. It symbolizes thermal water – the main source of the healing properties of branded cosmetics. The strip does not go beyond the upper word and breaks off at its edges. So it forms sharp corners that are directed up and down.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

Biotherm Emblem

The word is written in a typeface from the Sans Serif group – smooth, chopped, narrow. The letters are elongated, angular – except the streamlined “O.” The “HE” signs are connected into a single whole. The palette of the emblem is monochrome: black elements on a white background.