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Blackbox: Brand overview

Blackbox was founded in 1975 in Dallas, Texas, under the leadership of Billy Welch and Hugh Lytle, and originally offered telephone equipment and wiring. As the technological advances of the 1980s progressed, Blackbox also evolved. They moved beyond simple electrical wiring solutions, venturing into IT infrastructure and communications technology. The company also expanded during this period, opening several new offices throughout the United States.

The 1990s were a period of significant transformation. In 1992, the company debuted on the NASDAQ exchange, signaling its growing credibility. The decade was also marked by Blackbox’s desire to expand overseas, with the company launching operations in various regions, including Europe, Asia, and Latin America.

With the advent of the new millennium in the 2000s, Blackbox embarked on an aggressive expansion strategy by absorbing several firms. This increased its portfolio of services to include managed services, cloud computing, and cybersecurity and generated annual revenues in excess of $1 billion.

In the following decade, the 2010s, the company changed its focus. While retaining its fundamental strengths, Blackbox emphasized its role as a holistic technology solutions provider. Its offerings now span digital workspaces, IoT, and edge computing and are supported globally.

Today, Blackbox is a leader in IT infrastructure solutions. The company operates in 180 locations across six continents and consistently helps customers with global IT infrastructure design, implementation, control, and protection. The company’s reliability is evidenced by its 3,000 employees and impressive annual revenues of more than $200 million.

Meaning and History

Blackbox Logo History

What is Blackbox?

Black Box is an IT solutions provider. It offers advanced technology and consulting services to companies around the world. With a global presence and unrivaled expertise, we ensure business success by bringing people, ideas, and technology together to solve the most critical business challenges. Our broad range of IT infrastructure solutions, services, and products enable organizations across industries to stay connected and collaborate easily wherever they are. Black Box has been at the forefront of the IT sector for over forty years, having started operations on June 25, 1975.

Before 2021

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2021 – today

Blackbox Logo

The logo of this company incorporates the concept of a box, which is often seen in IT products and digital gadgets. When releasing such products, specialists usually say that they work “out of the box”; that is, it is a fresh release or a product with the necessary software bundled. In this case, the container is presented as a three-dimensional cube. A closer look reveals that it is a mini rhombus framed by wide trapezoids and triangles. This shape replaces the letter “O.” The rest of the name is standard and in bold, grotesque font. The words “Black” and “Box” are separated and colored in different shades: black and red.

The logo resembles a mini-puzzle or one of those puzzles found in board games. The black and red colors are reminiscent of a traffic light, urging you to stop and think about what is “inside the box .”It’s not just a cube; it has layers and shapes that make you look at it twice. It feels like a trick for the eyes.

Blackbox color codes

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