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The Blue Moon logo is a harmonious combination of text and illustration. They perfectly balance each other, creating a remarkable image that corresponds to the name of the brand of white beer. Smooth lines, soft shapes, and rounded strokes speak of the taste of the alcoholic beverage – that it is unobtrusive, delicate, and subtle.

Blue Moon: Brand overview

Founder:Blue Moon Brewing Co.
United States
Blue Moon is a beer brand that produces a light Belgian-style beer (wheat top-fermented, 5.4% alcohol). It made a large-scale statement in 1995 when it first launched production in Golden, Colorado. The developer of the alcoholic beverage is Keith Villa.

Meaning and History

Blue Moon Logo History

When Keith Villa created his beer, he named it Bellyslide Belgian White. But later, a more creative inscription appeared on the labels – Blue Moon. The alcoholic beverage is now brewed at Blue Moon Brewing Co. (MillerCoors) and comes in various forms that are constantly updated. And all of them feature a common emblem. It inspires trust among Americans and many other countries, as beer is distributed worldwide.

The manufacturer remains loyal to the original logo and carefully maintains its visual identity. New varieties of alcoholic beverages are simply supplemented with information about the composition, while the name against the background of a round blue moon is always preserved. This design is not just a standard product marking. It represents the trademark and the company to which it belongs. The style of the image is also preserved.

What is Blue Moon?

Blue Moon is a light beer brand with a strength of 5.4%. It belongs to the Belgian top-fermented wheat varieties, with white wheat prevailing over barley malt. Its composition also includes oats, orange peel, and coriander. The beer was first brewed by brewer Keith Villa from Denver’s Sandlot Brewery (Colorado).

1995 – 2001

Blue Moon Logo 1995

The Blue Moon logo, naturally, features a blue moon. This is the name of the third full moon in an astronomical cycle and has nothing to do with sacred concepts. In fact, the moonlight during this period has a usual shade, but due to various atmospheric phenomena, it gets an unusual optical effect. It is caused by the accumulation of fine-dispersed particles in the air from volcanic suspensions, dust, fog, smoke from fires, and so on. Passing through them, the ray of light scatters in the Earth’s atmosphere at short wavelengths, corresponding exactly to the blue spectrum.

This rare phenomenon is represented on the logo of the Belgian-style light beer brand. The moon is drawn large, blue, with an uneven distribution of color – in some places; it is saturated; in others – pale. The moonlight is overlapped by a wide dark-beige wavy-shaped band. On it, in a large and soft handwritten font, the product name is indicated. Both words are connected. The letters have serifs and curls, making the inscription original. Below is a duplicating strip – dark blue, specifying the type of alcoholic beverage: “Belgian White.”

2001 – 2016

Blue Moon Logo 2001

In this emblem, the moon is depicted in its entirety. The only part that remains obscured is the one under the wavy ribbon, placed diagonally. In this case, the circle is evenly colored in light blue. Along the edges of the disk are small white dots and strokes, symbolizing the silvery glow of the celestial body. The name of the beverage is shortened – the designers removed the lower strip with the clarification of the type of beer. Moreover, they slightly separated the words, so now there is a small gap between them. The inscription style is calligraphic and handwritten. All letters have serifs and edging, and the “B” is additionally decorated with an elegant curl.

2016 – today

Blue Moon Logo

The requirements for simplicity in logos for better adaptation to all types of media did not bypass the Blue Moon brand symbol. The image on the labels has become flat, two-dimensional, and concise. The authors focused on the natural reliefs of Earth’s satellite and transferred them to the emblem, using a dark blue shade. The rest of the lunar surface is blue. The letters have lost their edging frames and have become lower than before. The designers raised the ribbon with the inscription to the middle but retained the diagonal arrangement.

Font and Colors

Blue Moon Emblem

To emphasize the elitism of the alcoholic beverage, the brewery company chose the elegant Beaufort Condensed Bold typeface, each letter of which is framed by a contoured frame. Later, the Blackriver font appeared – a minimalist variant, remotely resembling the previous inscription style but simpler and more grounded.

The emblem’s palette, naturally, is blue, as it is dictated by the name of the beer brand. At different times, its spectrum ranged from sky blue to a soft shade of late evening. The light range is used for coloring the moon; the dark range is for the inscription. In addition to the signature color, white and beige are also present in several variations.

Blue Moon Symbol

Blue Moon color codes

Royal BlueHex color:#001758
RGB:0 23 88
CMYK:100 74 0 65
Pantone:PMS 273 C
Celestial BlueHex color:#40a2dd
RGB:64 162 221
CMYK:71 27 0 13
Pantone:PMS 2995 C