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The Borgward logo is a symbol of unity and symbiosis to create something larger and more perfect. The emblem stretches to the top, using the strengths and capabilities of all corporation members.

Borgward: Brand overview

Founder:Carl F. W. Borgward
Bremen, Germany

Borgward is a now-defunct German concern for cars, trucks, and buses, liquidated in 1961. The Borgward logo was placed on several models included in the association: Hansa, Goliath, and Lloyd.

The history of Borgward is the story of the gradual consolidation, growth, and subsequent collapse of the conglomerate, which ranked 5th in the German auto industry.

Meaning and History

Borgward Logo History

What is Borgward?

An automaker based in the German city of Bremen since 1919. The main direction was the production of three-wheeled Goliath trucks, Hansa, and Borgward passenger cars. The most famous is the car Isabella (Hansa 1500).

1919 – 1939

Borgward Logo 1919

1939 – 1945

Borgward Logo 1939

1945 – 1961

Borgward Logo 1945

2005 – today

Borgward Logo

The company logo is like a road sign showing the main road and direction of travel. It is a rhombus with a metal frame and a plate with the name of the brand in the center.

The figure indicates the desire for the top, progress, and development. The company’s founder was constantly engaged in improving the technical characteristics of machines and developing new models. Shows a good start. Carl Borgward started the business in 1919 and was a director a year later. And after 10 owned three brands and several firms.

A rhombus made up of four rectangles shows a game with four marks. Their union and separation. At the heart of all processes was Carl Borgward, whose name is written on the seam in the center of the figure.

In 1925 he founded the Goliath brand, and in 1929 he bought former Bremer partners Hansa Lloyd Werken. As a result, the magnate controlled three factories and three brands (Goliath, Hansa, and Lloyd). I decided on what enterprise and what type of machine to launch. In 1938, he added a 4th stamp under his name, and Hansa closed. In 1948, he sold the Borgward brand, and after two years, he bought it. Then, due to the decline in industry and the lack of raw materials, the concern is divided into three separate enterprises.

Brand juggling is well conveyed in the logo due to the chess placement of colors and individual fragments that exist together and separately simultaneously.

The layout of the sign itself is associated with the association of brand logos. The red and white figures are taken from the flag of Bremen, where the factories are based. Their chess alternation was in the Hansa sign. The triangle underpinned the identity of the Lloyd brand, and the metal parts were Goliath.

Font and Colors

The main colors of the sign are white and red. They echo the shades of road signs and the heraldry of the city of Bremen.

  • White – the ability to start all over again. The owner had to deal with the vicissitudes of fate more than once. Hiding behind the color and the desire for discovery.
  • Red – passion and love for your work. The texture of the red sections of the diamond resembles machine reflectors, which indicates the company’s direction.

The lettering font is similar to QB One Semi Bold Expanded.

Borgward color codes

Fire Engine RedHex color:#d3012f
RGB:211 1 47
CMYK:0 100 78 17
Pantone:PMS 185 C
BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C