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The Brockway logo is unique and associative. The emblem emphasizes the handcrafted assembly of the trucks. Like huskies in the north, the company’s machines become true friends on any journey and are ready to carry the heaviest loads.

Brockway: Brand overview

In 1875, William Brockway laid the foundation for the Brockway Motor Company in Cortland, New York, initially focusing on carriage manufacturing. However, in 1912, the company’s direction changed when William’s son, George Brockway, steered the company into the truck manufacturing business, leading to the Brockway Motor Company in its current form.

The company initially produced high-wheel drive trucks but soon moved into heavier models, notably creating the 1-5 ton Class B Liberty trucks, which played an important role in World War I.

Brockway innovated and expanded during the 1920s and 30s. The company produced many commercial trucks during this time, including the remarkable 1920s Continental-powered models and the 1930s V1200, powered by a powerful 240-horsepower V12 engine capable of hauling up to 15 tons. Brockway also acquired Indiana Truck Corp during this period, although the Great Depression later forced it to divest that company.

For over six decades, Brockway has specialized in manufacturing heavy-duty vocational trucks for various industries, including construction, utilities, and trucking.

Despite its prominent role in the trucking industry, Brockway could not escape the challenges of rising prices and increased competition. After surviving for more than half a century, Brockway closed in 1977.

The closing of Brockway in upstate New York marked the end of an era for one of the nation’s most enduring specialty truck manufacturers. Its legacy in the field continues to be remembered, reflecting a history rich in innovation, expansion, and dedication to the craft of truck manufacturing.

Meaning and History

Brockway Logo History

What is Brockway?

It is an American heavy-duty truck manufacturer founded by William Brockway in Cortland, New York. Known for their ruggedness, the trucks were used in various demanding applications, including construction, logging, and long-haul transportation. The brand gained a reputation for producing reliable, high-quality vehicles, often customized. Despite its success, the brand was acquired by Mack Trucks, and the name was dropped.

1912 – 1977Brockway Logo

The Brockway logo reflects the company’s history in trucks and tractors. It features an image of a sled dog harnessed to a sled and carrying a load. The dog’s stance, with paws planted and head lowered, shows determination and hard work. Jagged strokes of varying thickness give the image a raw and authentic feel.

A gold-framed geometric figure sits beneath the dog, creating a foundation for the logo—the precise lines of this figure contrast with the rugged depiction of the dog. A red background enhances the visual impact, making the elements stand out. The company name is gold on a red background, adding elegance and prestige.

The design evokes a scene from an old movie filled with themes of toughness and nostalgia. The dog’s earnest effort draws empathy and support. The imperfect strokes give the impression of a hand-drawn sketch, adding vintage charm. This artistic choice suggests a design that has endured over time.

The geometric shape framing the dog and the gold letters on the red background create a cohesive composition. The gold border and lettering provide unity and completeness. The logo exudes authenticity and character, like a unique find at a vintage market.

This logo captures Brockway’s identity and heritage, blending history, hard work, and elegance into a single image. The detailed dog, geometric figure, and use of gold and red colors create a logo rich in meaning and visually appealing. The Brockway logo embodies the company’s spirit and values through a well-crafted design.