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The Brockway logo is steeped in historical grandeur as it visually narrates the company’s inception. It began with trucks and tractors, symbolically represented by a harnessed dog (presumably pulling a sled) carrying a load. The strenuous effort of the animal is indicated by the specific positioning of its legs and lowered head. The dog is depicted in broken strokes of uneven thickness. Below the dog is a geometric figure framed in gold. The brand name is set against a red background, also colored in gold.

The central element of this design is the dog, portrayed in an active stance, straining against its harness as if in the process of pulling a heavy load. This resonates with the company’s truck and tractor business origins, symbolizing its core mission of transporting heavy loads. The dog’s lowered head and the placement of its legs further emphasize the exertion, indicating the company’s commitment to hard work and reliability.

The stylistic choice of rendering the dog in broken strokes of uneven thickness suggests dynamism and a sense of progression. This representation echoes the company’s continuous strides toward improvement, innovation, and evolution. It reflects the constant movement and changes inherent in the transportation industry, aligning with the brand’s determination to adapt and evolve in response to the market’s shifting demands.

A geometric figure encased within a golden frame underneath the harnessed dog conveys a sense of stability and balance. The figure adds structure to the overall design, anchoring the dynamic depiction of the dog and offering a visual representation of the solidity and reliability the brand provides.

A red background signifies energy, power, and passion, reflecting the company’s vigorous commitment to its mission. The gold coloring of the brand name and the frame around the geometric figure adds a touch of elegance and value. Gold is often associated with luxury, quality, and prestige, underscoring the high standards the brand adheres to in its products and services.

Brockway: Brand overview

Founded: 1912 – 1977
Founder: George Brockway
United States
In 1875, William Brockway laid the foundation for Brockway Motor Company in Cortland, New York, initially focusing on carriage making. However, the company’s direction changed in 1912 when William’s son, George Brockway, guided the firm into the burgeoning field of truck manufacturing, thus giving birth to the Brockway Motor Company as it is known.

Initially producing high-wheel trucks, Brockway soon diversified into heavier models, notably creating the 1-5 ton range Class B Liberty Trucks that played a significant role during World War I.

The era spanning the 1920s and 30s marked a time of innovation and expansion for Brockway. During this time, the company rolled out many commercial trucks, including the remarkable 1920s Continental-powered models and the 1930s V1200, equipped with a robust 240 hp V12 engine capable of hauling up to 15 tons. This period also saw Brockway’s acquisition of the Indiana Truck Corp, though the Great Depression later forced them to divest.

Throughout its existence, spanning over six decades, Brockway’s specialty lay in manufacturing heavy-duty vocational trucks that catered to various industries, including construction, utilities, and freight hauling.

Despite its prominent role in the trucking industry, Brockway could not escape the challenges of rising costs and intensifying competition. After contributing to American truck manufacturing for over half a century, Brockway closed its doors in 1977.

Located in Upstate New York, Brockway’s closure marked the end of an era for one of the country’s most steadfast specialty truck makers. Its legacy in the field continues to be remembered, reflecting a history rich in innovation, expansion, and dedication to the craft of truck manufacturing.

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