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Cold crystals and gas bubbles are visible in the elements of the emblem. The Bud Light logo demonstrates the drink’s balanced, harmonious, and bright taste. Indicates the light tone of the beer. The elements evoke a feeling of freshness and coolness.

Bud Light: Brand overview

Founded: 1984
Founder: Anheuser-Busch InBev
United States
Bud Light is one of the lines of the Budweiser brand. It belongs to the international brewing corporation Anheuser-Busch InBev. The assortment includes various subspecies of a light American lager.

Meaning and History

Bud Light Logo History

The brand has existed since 1876. It has had many logos that combine a white and blue palette and a similar font. So the designers of the modern trademark just perfected the retro design.

What is Bud Light?

Bud Light is a 5-percent light beer produced by AB InBev as part of the Budweiser product line. The lager was introduced in 1984, after the founding of Carl Conrad & Co., which began its mass production. It is now the leading beer brand in the United States.

1982 – 1983

Budweiser Light Logo 1982-1983

In the first decades after entering the market, the trademark was called Budweiser. The American version of Bud appeared much later. Therefore, the 1982 emblem bore the old “Budweiser Light Beer” inscription. The first word is in the middle of a white circle with a black outline. The second and third are inside a semicircle, which is inscribed in the same geometric figure. Above is the brand name: an eagle and the letter “A” in red.

1983 – 1984

Budweiser Light Logo 1983-1984

The designers revised the logo and shifted the emphasis to the text. As a result of the work done, only the brand name was left, placed in two lines. Above in thin typewritten, the company’s full name – “Budweiser,” below in thick bold letters – “Light.” This technique balances both halves despite the different word lengths. The developers also retained the catchy color of the emblem – neon blue. They removed all other details.

1984 – 1990

Bud Light Logo 1984-1990

In 1984, a logo with the name Bud Light was introduced. It is depicted in bold sans serif type. The background is a white rounded rectangle with a dark blue border.

1990 – 2009

Bud Light Logo 1990-2009

At the turn of the millennium, the brand used a modernized trademark with italic text. The letters look three-dimensional thanks to the red and white shadows. The rectangle was replaced by an open oval, consisting of two curved lines.

2009 – 2013

Bud Light Logo 2009-2013

The designers have tweaked the colors and shapes. The name Bud Light looks more readable. It is now light blue with no shadows or outlines. Intra-letter gaps are increased, as are the inter-letter spacing.

2013 – 2016

Bud Light Logo 2013-2016

In 2013, a redesigned version of the 2009 logo was released. It appears 3D due to the gradient. On the left, there are three semi-oval lines: two silvery and one red. Drawn below are shiny drops to spark interest in the product.

2016 – today

Bud Light Logo 2016-present

The brand decided to return to its historical roots, so it restored the 1984 emblem. It changed the color of the lettering to blue and used a rectangular frame with no rounded corners. Customers first saw the new look for Bud Light in a Super Bowl commercial.

Font and Colors

Bud Light Emblem

The evolution of the beer brand’s logo moved in jerks: either abruptly to a new one, then a return to the previous symbolism. This is what we see now since the current version is nothing more than the 1984-1990 brand name. True, the designers have made some adjustments to make the icon look relevant and in time. Thus, the letters have become wider, and the frame is rectangular with slight curves that are almost invisible. The abbreviated version of the name has been retained, as it fits compactly on one side of the can and is easy to read.

Bud Light Symbol

For its logo, the company chose an option from the family of chopped typefaces – Univers Next. The characters are smooth, even sans serif. Now the emblem’s color scheme is shifted to blue, which looks impressive against a white background. And before that, she was neon blue, violet-blue combined with gray and red.

Bud Light color codes

Navy Blue Hex color: #0072bd
RGB: 0 114 189
CMYK: 100 40 0 26
Pantone: PMS 3005 C
Pacific Blue Hex color: #0099d4
RGB: 0 153 212
CMYK: 100 28 0 17
Pantone: PMS 801 C