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Carlsson: Brand overview

Carlsson, a respected Mercedes-Benz tuning company, was founded in 1989 by siblings Rolf and Andreas Hartge in Merzig, Germany. Since its founding, the company has been dedicated to transforming Mercedes-Benz vehicles, enhancing their performance, and giving them a unique, luxurious aesthetic.

In the 1990s, Karlsson began creating modifications for several Mercedes models, including the 500E, SL, and G-Class AMG. These modifications included various enhancements, such as tuning the engine to increase power, lowering the suspension for a sleeker look, and installing body kits to create a more attractive appearance.

In the new millennium, Carlsson continued to evolve and adapt to the expanding Mercedes model lineup. The company began to offer enhancements for modern models such as the S-Class, CLK, and SLK sports cars. These improvements were in terms of increased power and torque and interior luxury, offering high-quality leather and high-end trim options.

An important milestone for Carlsson was reached in 2003 when they introduced their first fully customized car: the C25. Based on the Mercedes SLK roadster, the C25 was more than just a modification. He combined a supercharged engine and Carlsson’s signature styling to create something unique.

The company’s ambitions did not stop there, and in 2010, it introduced an ultra-luxury version of the Mercedes GL SUV. This version, called GL65 RS, was equipped with a powerful twin-turbo V12 engine and a fully customized interior, reflecting Carlsson’s commitment to the highest quality and luxury.

Today, Carlsson continues to develop and produce unique tuning packages for Mercedes enthusiasts seeking high-performance vehicles with a personalized touch. Carlsson’s team of engineers and craftsmen, working out of specialized facilities in Germany, make design changes by hand, creating some of the most unique and high-end Mercedes-tuned cars in the world.

Carlsson’s history is a testament to innovation, craftsmanship, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. It is a prominent name in the automotive world, combining high-end engineering with individual craftsmanship to meet the needs of those looking for a combination of performance and luxury in their vehicles.

Meaning and History

Carlsson Logo History

1989 – today

Carlsson Logo

The logo depicts a fast galloping horse – a perfect image for an automobile company. The animal is facing to the right as if frozen in the middle of a jump. It is in the center of the circle with a wide border – a place of honor. The horse’s mane and tail flutter, showing its speed and giving the static logo a sense of life. Below the horse is the brand name, typed in bold letters with small serifs. Most of the letters, except for the first one, are lowercase. Along the edge is a three-dimensional silver ring. All elements are colored in different shades of gray.

Thanks to the shades of gray, the logo looks cool but not shouty. The circle kind of frames the horse as if it were a work of art. The first capital letter in the brand name makes you want to read it to the end, like the beginning of a good story. The 3D silver ring gives the logo a polished finish, like a cool accessory you added at the last minute.