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ChapStick: Brand overview

Founded:Early 1880s
United States
The history of ChapStick, a renowned brand in lip care, traces back to the early 1880s. In Lynchburg, Virginia, Dr. Charles Browne Fleet, a physician and pharmacist, formulated the first ChapStick. Designed to treat inflamed and chapped lips, the product was sold in his drugstore for the modest price of 5 cents apiece beginning in 1882.

1912, the ChapStick Company was formally established, and the trademark was registered. The original composition of the product included ingredients like petroleum jelly, wax, and oils. During the early 20th century, ChapStick’s reputation grew, and became a must-have lip care product in households across the United States.

A pivotal moment in the brand’s history came in the 1960s when A.H. Robins Company acquired it. This acquisition introduced the recognizable lip balm tube container, which has since become synonymous with the product. Under Robins’ ownership, ChapStick broadened its appeal by introducing new flavors and innovative formulas, solidifying its position in the market.

In a series of ownership changes, ChapStick was acquired by Pfizer when the pharmaceutical giant purchased Wyeth in 2009, which had earlier bought Robins. The latest shift occurred in 2022 when ChapStick and other Pfizer brands were transferred to Haleon, Pfizer’s consumer health care division.

Today, ChapStick’s legacy as a leading lip balm continues to flourish. With production exceeding 100 million units annually and an offering that spans various flavors and formulations, the brand stands as a symbol of quality lip care on a global scale. The continued success of ChapStick is a testament to its origins as a simple yet effective solution to a common problem, reflecting the innovation and evolution that have characterized its journey for well over a century.

Meaning and History

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What is ChapStick?

ChapStick, with its rich history spanning over a hundred years, has been a dependable friend to numerous generations, offering consistent lip care since its establishment in the early 1880s by Haleon. Rising from its modest roots, this iconic brand has blossomed into a worldwide frontrunner in the lip balm industry, presenting various products designed to maintain lip health and softness.

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