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Cisitalia: Brand overview

In 1946, Cisitalia began in Turin, Italy, specializing in the production of sports and racing cars. This Italian automobile company was the brainchild of Piero Dusio, an avid racer and businessman. The company’s intriguing name, Cisitalia, is an acronym for Compagnia Industriale Sportiva Italia.

Under Dusio’s leadership, Cisitalia quickly gained prominence in the automotive industry. The company’s first outstanding creation was the 202 GT car, produced the same year it was founded. This car was created by the renowned Pininfarina design firm.

The successes of the Cisitalia 360 Grand Prix race car further enhanced the company’s reputation. Winning the Geneva and Naples races in 1947 confirmed Cisitalia’s commitment to high performance and innovative design.

Cisitalia’s heyday continued until the late 1940s, when various versions of the 202 were produced, and racing continued. However, despite these successes, financial stability prevented the small automaker from succeeding, leading to its bankruptcy in 1963.

The company’s production figures were modest: about 170 examples of the Cisitalia 202 were produced. Other limited edition models were produced, including the 202 MM, 202 SMM, and 202 CMM. Today, these cars are considered rare treasures for collectors.

Although Cisitalia had a relatively short lifespan of less than two decades, its influence on Italian automobile design was quite significant. The company’s minimalist and elegant sports cars of the late 1940s are remembered for demonstrating what Italian automotive craftsmanship could achieve.

Cisitalia’s participation in more than 200 races around the world has further strengthened its position in the automotive world. The brand has become a testament to Italy’s ability to produce world-renowned sports cars, putting it on a par with other famous Italian brands such as Ferrari and Maserati.

Meaning and History

Cisitalia Logo History

1946 – 1963

Cisitalia Logo

On the body of the car, which is considered to be the most perfect in the world, a unique logo once flaunted. The expressive Italians chose a heraldic golden goat standing on its hind legs. It has long, twisted horns, a graceful body, and a confident look. The animal is located on a dark blue background, which elegantly harmonizes with the gold, creating an impression of three-dimensionality. A thin ornate band runs along the outer edge. Beneath the disproportionately large shield is the name of the automaker in an italicized font that mimics handwriting.

The logo shines in the sunlight, making you think that the car is not just a car but something special. The goat is like a superhero of the animal world, bold and stylish. And the dark blue background, like the night sky, makes the golden goat even more colorful. The handwritten name under the shield makes you think that someone took the time to sign each car as a masterpiece.