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Cisitalia logo once adorned what is still considered the most perfect car body in the world. This distinctive emblem features a heraldic golden goat on its hind legs, set against a dark blue background. The goat has long, twisted horns, an elegant body, and an assured demeanor. The dark blue background enriches the gold hue, imparting a three-dimensional appearance to the figure. A delicate ornamental line runs around the outer contour below the company’s name in italics, mimicking handwritten text.

The choice of a golden goat is both intriguing and symbolically rich. Gold signifies excellence, wealth, and high quality, apt attributes for an automobile company striving for perfection. Standing on its hind legs, the goat emanates a sense of purpose and ambition, suggesting that the company aims to join and lead the automotive race.

The dark blue background serves multiple roles in the emblem. It highlights the golden goat and communicates stability, wisdom, and depth. It’s a classic, royal color that matches well with gold, setting a scene of luxury and dignity. This color scheme makes the goat figure appear almost three-dimensional, pulling it into the limelight and making it the indisputable focus of the emblem.

The intricate ornamental line that encircles the main features adds a layer of complexity. It acts like a frame for a masterpiece, emphasizing what’s within yet not overshadowing it. This line contributes to the balanced and well-thought-out design of the emblem.

Beneath this elegantly orchestrated shield lies the automaker’s name in a flowing italic script that mimics handwriting. This choice of typography underscores the craftsmanship and human touch behind the brand. It hints at the level of detail and dedication to creating each vehicle.

Cisitalia’s emblem conveys an unmistakable message of luxury, quality, and aspiration. Every element, from the choice of colors to the creature featured, is a deliberate decision to convey the brand’s vision and values. Its distinctive design offers a glimpse into the soul of a company that once produced the epitome of automotive perfection. It is a timeless testament to artistry, ingenuity, and ambition in automobile manufacturing.

Cisitalia: Brand overview

Founded: 1946 – 1963
Founder: Piero Dusio
Turin, Italy
In Turin, Italy, 1946 marked the beginning of Cisitalia, a car manufacturer specializing in sports and racing cars. This Italian automotive company was the brainchild of Piero Dusio, an avid racing fan and businessperson. The intriguing name of the company, “Cisitalia,” is an abbreviation of “Compagnia Industriale Sportiva Italia.”

Under Dusio’s guidance, Cisitalia quickly made a name for itself in the auto industry. The company’s first remarkable creation was the 202 GT, launched in the same year it was founded. This car was crafted by the renowned design firm Pininfarina.

The successes of the Cisitalia 360 Grand Prix race car further bolstered the company’s reputation. Winning at Geneva and Naples grand prix in 1947 underscored Cisitalia’s commitment to performance and innovative design.

Cisitalia’s heyday continued into the late 1940s with various adaptations of the 202 model, alongside their continued participation in racing. However, despite these successes, financial stability eluded the small automaker, leading to its bankruptcy in 1963.

The company’s production numbers were modest, with around 170 units of the Cisitalia 202 produced. Other limited-edition models were also crafted, including the 202 MM, 202 SMM, and 202 CMM. Today, these automobiles are considered rare treasures by collectors.

Although Cisitalia’s existence was relatively brief, lasting less than two decades, its influence on Italian automotive design was significant. The company’s minimalist and elegant sports cars from the late 1940s are remembered for showcasing what Italian automotive craftsmanship could achieve.

Cisitalia’s participation in more than 200 races worldwide further solidified its position in the automotive world. The brand stood as a testament to Italy’s ability to manufacture world-renowned sports cars, placing it on a par with other famous Italian brands such as Ferrari and Maserati.

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