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The logo of the Catalan political party Ciudadanos is bright and memorable, reflecting the goals and objectives of the organization. It symbolizes the aspiration to support youth and the elderly, business, and environmental protection, positioning itself against nationalism.

Ciudadanos: Brand overview

Founded:7 June 2005
Founder:Albert Rivera
Ciudadanos is a Spanish political party. Its founders, 15 highly intellectual and respected people in Catalonia, created the association to oppose the imposed Catalan nationalism and the movement for Catalonia’s independence from Spain.

Meaning and History

Ciudadanos Logo History

The Ciudadanos party was founded in Barcelona in 2006 based on the civic platform Ciutadans de Catalunya. At that time, Catalan nationalists began a massive attack on the population’s consciousness to achieve the independence of the Catalan Republic. Then, 15 citizens organized a party that aimed to maintain the existing situation. In the first ten years of its existence, the party grew hundreds of times and became national. Its interests included other tasks – supporting youth and the elderly, business, and environmental protection.

Currently, “Citizens” is one of the four largest parties in the Congress of Deputies of Spain. They participate in the work of Congress and have their representatives in the executive bodies.

The party positions itself as socially liberal and anti-nationalist; its audience includes youth and the older generation, many businessmen, representatives of the intellectual elite, and creative professions.

Today, the Ciudadanos logo is recognized not only in Spain but also in Europe. It is bright, memorable, and carries the necessary semantic load.

What is Ciudadanos?

Ciudadanos is a political party advocating for the protection of citizens’ rights and freedoms. It was founded in 2006 in Spain as an alternative to the existing PSOE and Partido Popular. Its main goal is to fight corruption and strengthen democratic institutions, European integration, and economic and social reforms. Initially, the party was centrist but then became more right-wing. Albert Rivera was its leader until 2019.

2006 – 2017

Ciudadanos Logo 2006-2017

The first logo was created in 2006 and consisted of an orange rectangle with the party’s name, Ciudadanos, in white letters, and under the letter C was a white triangle. According to the creators, this symbolizes a conversation between the country’s citizens, the Ciudadanos party, and the Spanish authorities. Orange is one of the colors of the Catalan flag, but the other, yellow, was not used in the logo to separate the party from the nationalist movement.

An emblem was also created in the form of a short chat window with the party’s abbreviated name, C’s. The background was light orange, and the letters were white.

Such a bright logo is visually memorable and becomes an important element of the party’s image, focusing its activities on solving ordinary people’s problems.

2017 – today

Ciudadanos Logo 2017-present

In 2017, when the party became one of the three largest political associations in Spain and opened its offices in several European countries, a decision was made to rebrand the logo as a symbol of a new period of activity.

The minor changes made the logo clearer and brighter in the image. The color of the tag’s background was changed to black, and the letters became orange but a more intense shade with the addition of red. Now, the color palette is closer to the colors of the flag of Spain, not just Catalonia.

The emblem also changed: the apostrophe was removed from the letters “C” as it caused people to doubt how to read the short name correctly. Now, only the letters “C” remain. The sign was enlarged, and the design changed, making the corners straight and moving the lower element to the center. Next to it appeared two more black duplicating stripes, symbolizing the party’s multichannel communication with the country’s citizens, the opportunity for everyone to speak out and be heard.

The overall impression speaks for itself – Ciudadanos has ceased to be only a Catalan party. Now, it represents citizens across Spain and intends to continue developing, becoming a pan-European union. The solid and impeccable logo played an important role in this and will continue to fulfill its mission.

Ciudadanos: Interesting Facts

Ciudadanos, also known as Citizens, is a political party in Spain that started in 2006 because some people in Catalonia were worried about the area wanting to be independent. They wanted everyone in Spain to get along and not be split apart.

  1. Starting: The party began in Catalonia to unite people who disliked Catalonia’s idea of breaking away from Spain. They wanted the whole country to stay united.
  2. Getting Bigger: Initially, Ciudadanos was just in Catalonia, but more people from all over Spain started liking their ideas. They discussed having fair economic rules, ensuring everyone has the same rights, and fixing problems between different areas of Spain.
  3. What They Believe: Ciudadanos is in the middle of the road, not too left or right. They like the idea of businesses being free to grow but also want to ensure people are treated fairly and equally.
  4. Loves Europe: They like the European Union because it helps countries work together, makes things more stable, and helps everyone do better.
  5. Working With Others: They’re okay with working with different parties, whether they’re more to the left or right, as long as they agree on how to improve things.
  6. Making a Difference: Even though they haven’t been around as long as some other parties, they’ve had a big say in Spanish politics, sometimes helping decide who gets to be in charge.
  7. Fighting Corruption: They don’t like corruption and want everything to be open and honest, with strict rules to stop people from being corrupt.
  8. Speaking Up for Languages: Since they started in a place with its language, they want to ensure that people can speak Catalan and Spanish everywhere in Catalonia.
  9. Changing Leaders: Albert Rivera was in charge for a long time but left in 2019 after the party didn’t do well in an election. Since then, they’ve had some new leaders.
  10. Trying to Bounce Back: Lately, they’ve been trying to change their image to win back support. They focus on important things like schools, ensuring everyone is treated equally, and caring for the environment.

Ciudadanos is about making Spain a place where everyone can get along, have good jobs, and be treated fairly, no matter where they’re from or what language they speak.

Font and Colors

Ciudadanos Emblem

The logo of this political force was formed simultaneously, as it could vividly manifest itself, demonstrate the platform, and attract attention. For this, its members chose both the full and abbreviated names of the party: Ciudadanos and Cs. Both are written in one font and styled in the same way. The abbreviated version is used as a symbol for advertising on brochures, posters, badges, and other party symbols. An isosceles triangle is located under the letter “C,” tilted outwards, and the top part emphasizes the letter. It seems to be its support. By volume, the textual part predominates over the graphic.

The logo uses the Circular Std Black font, designed by Laurenz Brunner. All symbols are bold, legible, clear, and in print. They are well-balanced, so they look harmonious and stable, even unshakable. Officially, the logo has one color – orange. But unofficially, white is also added to the background. Orange is very characteristic of Spain: a bright and emotional southern country with equally emotional voters.

Ciudadanos color codes

International OrangeHex color:#ff4d00
RGB:255 77 0
CMYK:0 70 100 0
Pantone:PMS Orange 021 C