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The Digimon logo is explosive and cool. Elements of the emblem convey a sense of power and energy discharges. The sign creates an image of digital monsters existing as data packets within the network.

Digimon: Brand overview

Founded:1998 – 2021
Founder:Akiyoshi Hongo

Digimon is a computer creature from a virtual world, capable of transitioning into a parallel reality. The franchise includes digital toys, video games, films, and six anime series. Bandai Namco Holdings owns the world rights, Toei Animation produces the anime, and Saban Entertainment distributes the films outside of Japan.

Meaning and History

Digimon Logo History

Despite the franchise’s start in 1997, the first logo appeared a year later, as the pets initially did not have a common label. The emblem surfaced in a video game when third-generation devices hit the shelves. These devices allowed players to connect consoles and engage in battles. Rebrandings are associated with the release of new tablet versions and anime series dedicated to toys. However, each emblem maintained a clear connection to the digital world in its design.

What is Digimon?

A franchise dedicated to a whole universe of digital monsters, about which many series, anime, games, cards, toys, and other items have been produced. It was conceived by Akiyoshi Hongo (a collective pseudonym of three-story creators: Aki Maita, Hiroshi Izawa, and Takeichi Hongo).


Digimon Logo 1998

A video game featuring digital pets, Digimon World, has hit the market. The first logo is executed in various-sized black letters as if painted on a wall in an alleyway. Paint runs down the characters, forming streaks on the elements. The letter ‘O’ is replaced by a monster’s face, which looks like an altered, malicious Pac-Man with fangs.

Pets were conceived as a Tamagotchi equivalent for men. Therefore, they were given a more aggressive appearance. In the game, monsters could be grown and then pitted against each other in battles. Hence the fangs and the black color.

The name of the franchise itself is a combination of the initial syllables from “digital monsters” – Digi and Mon.

1999 – 2001

Digimon Logo 1999

A short film about the pets was shot. In 1999, it was released in Japanese cinemas. After this, a whole series followed.

The logo of the period takes on a more computerized digital look. It’s a thick blue border inside, which is a logo with the inscription on an orange background, Digital Monsters, and in the center, the name Digimon in large tilted letters.

The color and shape of the logo conveyed the appearance of the toy, which resembled a rectangular yellow-blue keychain, on the screen of which pet growth took place.

The letters of the inscription appear to be laid out of cubes, just as the monster itself consists of connected squares. The technique emphasized the digital nature of the toy. The tilt of the inscription speaks to the gradual development and dissemination of the franchise.

2001 – 2003

Digimon Logo 2001

The logo takes on a maximum digital look: a fragment of the background laid out of cubes, as in Minecraft, and on it is a similar yellow inscription Digimon. The emblem fully corresponds to digital reality.

The only element that connects the image with the real world is the usual small orange signature Digital Monsters, made with very smooth and clear letters. The message is intended for readers who are not yet aware of the franchise and helps to acquaint them with its meaning.

2002 – 2007

Digimon Logo 2002

The new logo resembles a sign in a fight club. An oval elongated plaque, inside which, on a red background, the franchise name is displayed in yellow letters. Each letter is connected to wires through which electricity powers the glowing symbols. The wires also hint at data transmission.

Below on a black background on the right bottom is an inscription about digital monsters before which there is a cursor, demonstrating that the words are a console command.

The red color speaks of battles for which pets are grown. The color also hints at some attachment of the owner to the creature.

Overall, the logo looks like a part of a game inside a computer.

2006 – 2012

Digimon Data Squad Logo 2006

In 2006, the release of the fifth anime series was announced, which rebooted the franchise in Japan. A logo and the game Digimon World Data Squad were released for it. In the emblem, an image of a pet is depicted in the background. The picture is similar to a button on a transformation remote, which leads to the monster transitioning into a combat state.

In the foreground is the inscription Digimon Data Squad, done in the form of a crown. The diadem personifies the rule of the organization that must maintain a balance between the real and the digital world. Therefore, the first and last letters of the word in the title are highlighted, like two poles.

2012 – 2015

Digimon Fusion Logo 2012

For the 15th anniversary of the franchise, Bandai Namco Holdings developed a series of events. In 2012, the video game Digimon World Re: Digitize and a card game appeared. The sixth anime series was released. The logo was updated for the movie.

The face of the monster is placed against the backdrop of the sign in a silvery frame. Its round face and ear-brows from which lightning bolts emanate are visible, hinting at their striking power. The familiar yellow digital-style title is placed on top, and below is the metallic Fusion in sparks, like a jolt of electricity. The “O” letter depicts a digital portal. The image shows leaps through space to different areas of the digital world, where Fusion squad fighters are looking for code crowns.

2015 – 2016

Digimon Adventure tri. Logo 2015

The new logo was developed for Digimon Adventure Tri, the third series about monsters, in which the events took place in 2005. The logo is not similar to the previous ones.

The blue rectangular background resembles a computer screen. The words Digimon Adventure Tri are placed as if the viewer is looking at the screen from top to bottom. The words are in a thin white font made of polygonal letters. Below is an arrow.

The entire inscription and the arrow seem to draw the viewer into the screen, sweeping them into a whirlwind. The technique points to the teenagers’ transition into the digital world where the movie’s action takes place.

2016 – 2017

Digimon Universe Appmonsters Logo 2016

The Digimon Universe App Monsters logo is dedicated to the series about manifestations of apps for phones and tablets infected with a virus.

The movie emblem is designed as an application icon next to which is the name of these monsters-manifestations – App Monsters. Below the name are other icons. Connections run between them to show the mutual influence of apps on each other and the digital world.

The main images are placed on a background of battle snippets.

2020 – 2021

Digimon Logo

In 2020, the Digimon Adventure series was rebooted. In the logo, the series’ name is written on a red background as if by metallic plates. At the end of the characters is an image of a monster’s head, dressed in combat gear. The emblem gives a feeling of a flash, a shock, symbolizing the process of pet transformation and the clashes between the heroes.

Font and Colors

The main logo colors are red, blue, yellow, and white.

  • Red – represents battle, the clash of two energies, the bond between a human and a digital being.
  • Blue – refers to the computer, the digital world, logic, and schemes.
  • Yellow – the color of the digital being, like a burst of energy and a packet of data.
  • White – the color of the flash, embodying the heroes’ power, metal in the costumes.

The font of the characters is concise, with smooth rounding at the ends of the glyphs, which adds a positive tone to the monsters, making them seem more friendly and cute, despite their formidable power.

Digimon color codes

RedHex color:#ff0000
RGB:255 0 0
CMYK:0 100 100 0
Pantone:PMS 1655 C
Dark OrangeHex color:#ff8a00
RGB:255 138 0
CMYK:0 46 100 0
Pantone:PMS 151 C
BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C
Beau BlueHex color:#b3d0e4
RGB:179 208 228
CMYK:21 9 0 11
Pantone:PMS 290 C