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Dr. Brandt Logo

Dr. Brandt Logo
Dr. Brandt Logo PNG

Dr. Brandt is a legendary cosmetic brand created by the equally legendary doctor, beautician, and beauty innovator Fredric Sheldon Brandt. He was the first to use Botox injections, which is why he received the nickname “Baron Botox.” The doctor also advocated non-invasive methods of rejuvenation, proposed laser correction, and founded a brand under his name, with a great emphasis on its visual identity.

Meaning and History

Dr. Brandt Symbol

The brand’s logo is truly individual – it reflects the extraordinary personality of the founder. For this, the developers have made a three-level logo that reads from top to bottom. They used the slogan in it to make it as informative as possible. In general, during the company’s entire existence, it had only one version of the logo.

The brand’s identification mark consists of three lines. At the top is the abbreviated word “dr.” In the middle – “Brandt” at the bottom – “skin-changing science.” The most important of them is the central inscription. It is highlighted in stark contrast: white letters on a black field. The opposite is true in the other two elements – the background is white, and the signs are black. Due to this visual technique, the logo appears striped: the first and third lines are light, and the second is dark. The tops of the legs “b” and “d” extend out of the field and connect to the adjacent background.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

Dr. Brandt Emblem

Two types of typefaces are used in the emblem: one hand-drawn (individual), the second printed (traditional). The name is executed in wide streamlined characters. The logo’s slogan is written in a classic thin sans serif typeface: Monochrome – a combination of black and white.