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The Duesenberg logo features a golden eagle, symbolizing the brand’s pride in its automobiles, renowned for luxury and performance. The company’s name is written in capital blue letters with serifs on the eagle’s outstretched wings. Below this, the arched word “STRAIGHT” appears, while the number 8 is depicted on the bird’s tail. These elements pay homage to the eight-cylinder Duesenberg Straight-8 engines produced since 1921.

The presence of the golden eagle speaks eloquently of the company’s quest for greatness and excellence. The choice of gold as the primary color indicates luxury and serves as a pledge of premium quality. The eagle’s outstretched wings signify reach and expansion, conveying that the company aims to soar high in the industry. The wide wingspan also provides ample space for the brand name, ensuring it gains the attention it deserves.

The choice of blue for the lettering is intentional. Blue traditionally stands for trust and dependability, qualities the company wishes to emphasize. The lettering style evokes a sense of tradition, indicating a blend of innovation and a storied past. It’s a direct nod to the rich heritage that characterizes this maker of luxury vehicles.

The arched word “STRAIGHT” doesn’t merely allude to the straight-eight engine; it also communicates integrity and a straightforward approach to automotive engineering. This word tells us that there is no beating around the bush; what you see is what you get—a high-performance, luxurious vehicle.

The number 8 on the eagle’s tail is not merely a number; it’s a tribute to the eight-cylinder engines, the Duesenberg Straight-8, that have been a part of the company’s lineup since 1921. This detail reaffirms the brand’s commitment to performance and respect for tradition. The placement of the number on the eagle’s tail can also be seen as a subtle affirmation that performance is at the core of everything the company does.

The emblem has a confluence of elements:

  • Pride, represented by the golden eagle
  • Trust and reliability, depicted by the blue lettering
  • Homage to heritage and performance, demonstrated by the words “STRAIGHT” and the number 8

All these elements work cohesively to tell a comprehensive brand story that prides itself on luxury, performance and an undying commitment to quality. It is an encapsulated narrative of a high-end automotive company’s ethos and aspirations.

Duesenberg: Brand overview

Founded: 1913 – 1937
Founder: August Duesenberg, Fred Duesenberg
Auburn, Indiana, U.S.
Duesenberg, an iconic name in the automotive world, originated in Indianapolis, Indiana 1920. It was the brainchild of two ingenious brothers, Fred and August Duesenberg, who had prior experience with the Mason Automobile Company and Duesenberg Motors Company.

From their inception, Duesenberg vehicles became renowned for their cutting-edge engineering, particularly their potent straight-eight engines and advanced braking systems. Their stable’s first creation was the Model A, introduced in 1921. Throughout the 1920s, Duesenberg’s prowess wasn’t limited to consumer vehicles. On the racetrack, they made headlines as the first American brand to clinch a win at the 1921 French Grand Prix. Furthermore, they continued to shatter speed benchmarks on terra firma and aquatic terrains.

Their luxurious offerings, the Model J and SJ, were more than automobiles. These machines were symbols of opulence and American grandeur. Despite their grandeur, only 500 models saw the light of day.

In a turn of events in 1926, the brand caught the eye of E.L. Cord, who incorporated Duesenberg into his Cord Corporation, infusing fresh strategies and amplifying the brand’s aura. However, the global economic slump in the 1930s, known as the Great Depression, hit the luxury automotive segment hard. With demand plummeting, Cord found it untenable to sustain Duesenberg, leading to its curtain call in 1937.

Though brief, Duesenberg’s saga in the automotive domain was illustrious. Their vehicles, especially the Model J, remain a collector’s dream today, fetching astronomical prices at auctions. Even after shutting its doors in 1937, the Duesenberg legacy as one of America’s most esteemed automotive marques stands tall.

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