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Duesenberg: Brand overview

Duesenberg, a company that has become iconic in the automotive world, originated in Indianapolis, Indiana, in 1920. It was the brainchild of two inventive brothers, Fred and August Duesenberg, who had experience at Mason Automobile Company and Duesenberg Motors Company.

From the very beginning of its existence, Duesenberg cars were famous for advanced developments, in particular, powerful eight-cylinder engines and modern braking systems. The company’s first model was Model A, introduced in 1921. Throughout the 1920s, Duesenberg’s successes were not limited to consumer cars. On the racing circuit, they became famous for being the first American brand to win the 1921 French Grand Prix. They also continued to conquer speed bumps on hard land and in water.

The luxurious J and SJ models were more than just cars. These cars were symbols of luxury and American grandeur. Despite their grandiosity, only 500 models saw the light of day.

In 1926, the brand caught the attention of E.L. Cord, who incorporated Duesenberg into his Cord Corporation, bringing new strategies and enhancing the aura of the brand. However, the global economic downturn of the 1930s, known as the Great Depression, hit the luxury car segment hard. With demand plummeting, Cord found it impossible to sustain Duesenberg, and the company ceased to exist in 1937.

Although Duesenberg’s history in the automobile industry was short, it was very colorful. Their cars, especially the Model J, are still a collector’s dream today, selling for astronomical prices at auction. Even after the company closed in 1937, Duesenberg’s legacy as one of America’s most respected automobile brands remains intact.

Meaning and History

Duesenberg Logo History

1913 – 1937

Duesenberg Logo

The golden eagle symbolizes Duesenberg’s pride in its vehicles, which are renowned for their luxury and high performance. The company name is written on the bird’s outstretched wings and consists of capital blue letters with serifs. Just below it is the word “STRAIGHT” in the form of an arc, and on the tail is the number 8. This is a tribute to the Duesenberg Straight-8 engines that were produced in 1921.

The choice of the golden eagle gives the brand a sense of grandeur and power, reflecting the high performance and luxury of Duesenberg vehicles. The attention to detail, such as the mention of the Straight-8 engine, reflects the company’s deep history and commitment to engineering excellence. The blue letters symbolize reliability, while the gold background reinforces the sense of luxury and high quality.