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The Elizalde logo from the Spanish car manufacturer Automóviles Elizalde is an artistic representation that captures multiple layers of symbolism. The emblem features an ornate letter “E” in brown, flanked by decorative flourishes at its edges. A bluebird is perched on the lower extension of the “E,” meticulously designed with detailed feathers on its spread wings. All these elements are encompassed by a large red circle in the background.

Diving into the complexities of the letter “E,” it’s evident that the decorative flourishes are no mere ornamentation. They imbue the symbol with a sense of tradition and elegance, characteristics that the brand presumably wished to project. The brown hue of the “E” echoes earthy tones, often linked with reliability and depth. So, this isn’t just about eye-catching design; it’s a calculated decision to evoke specific emotions and connotations.

The blue bird sitting on the lower flourish is not just an afterthought; it holds its own in the emblem’s narrative. Blue is usually associated with calmness and serenity; the bird seems to embody these traits. Each feather on its spread wings is intricately designed, which adds to the realism of the image. It’s almost as if the bird is ready to take flight, introducing the themes of freedom and ambition into the emblem’s existing symbolism.

Elizalde’s choice of a red circle for the backdrop is another crucial aspect that completes the picture. Red is a color often related to passion, action, and energy. It serves as an assertive frame that ties all the other elements together, amplifying their meanings while creating a cohesive narrative for the brand. It serves more than just a decorative purpose; it adds another layer of complexity to the overall design.

The emblem balances earthy realism with celestial aspirations, much like the brand aimed to do. Each component of the logo, from the ornate “E,” the detailed blue bird, to the commanding red circle, plays its role in painting a complete picture. This is not just a logo; it’s an intricate tapestry of symbols and meanings, each meticulously crafted to tell the brand’s story. The story reflects the brand’s aspirations, respect for tradition, and audacious ambitions. It’s an emblem that manages to be both timeless and evocative, capturing the essence of what the brand stands for.

Elizalde: Brand overview

Founded:1914 – 1928
Founder:Arturo Elizalde Rouvier
In the early 20th century, Barcelona saw the rise of an automobile manufacturer that would leave its mark in the annals of Spanish automotive history. In 1909, Arturo Elizalde Rouvier ventured into the auto world, founding a garage in the heart of Barcelona. Together with collaborators Rafael Biada Navarro and J.M. Vallet y Arnau, the trio gave birth to Vallet y Cia.

By 1914, their first automobile prototype, the Tipo 11, made its public debut with an impressive journey from Barcelona to Madrid, capturing the attention and, subsequently, the backing of the Biada siblings. The very next year, the brand received royal approval as King Alfonso XIII became the proud owner of an Elizalde cabriolet. Riding on this newfound fame, the company unveiled a sportier 25cv variant, christening it the “Reine Victoria.”

The 1919 Barcelona Auto Show witnessed the Reine Victoria’s grand entry, setting it apart as Spain’s pioneering automobile equipped with four-wheel brakes. As the 1920s dawned, Elizalde expanded its portfolio, introducing the Model 29, which boasted a 4-cylinder 3817cc engine. Elizalde’s prominence in Spain’s auto sector grew throughout the decade, churning several car models.

However, as the 1920s neared its end, so did Elizalde’s journey in car manufacturing. In 1927, the company halted its vehicle production, and by 1928, after a commendable 14-year run, Elizalde closed its doors for good.

Meaning and History

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1914 – 1918

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1918 – 1928

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