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The Geometry A logo resembles a hidden masterpiece. The emblem’s perfect geometric contours convey modern electric vehicles’ precise and ergonomic shapes. The symbol holds a certain intrigue, promising that additional convenient features will reveal themselves to the buyer during their journeys.

Geometry A: Brand overview

Founded by Geely, the prominent Chinese automaker, Geometry is a cutting-edge electric vehicle subsidiary that was established in 2019. Their pioneering model, the Geometry A, was unveiled in April 2019. This compact, subcompact or B-segment electric sedan marks the brand’s first foray into the electric vehicle segment.

The creation of Geometry A is rooted in Geely’s BMA architecture, drawing design inspiration from the Emgrand GL sedan. Equipped with a single electric motor, the Geometry A can produce 134 horsepower and 250 Nm of torque. Its considerable range of 450 kilometers, rated by the New European Driving Cycle (NEDC), is a key highlight of its capabilities.

The Geometry A has an impressive fast-charging feature that can refill the battery to 80% in 30 minutes. After its initial launch in Singapore in September 2019, the car was introduced in China, further expanding its presence.

The Geometry A has been priced strategically to compete against traditional gasoline compact sedans. Furthermore, Geometry has ambitious plans to augment its range with several more models, aiming to establish a comprehensive lineup of popular, cost-effective electric vehicles.

Meaning and History

Geometry Logo History

What is Geometry A?

Geely Geometry is marking a new epoch in eco-friendly mobility through its unwavering commitment to electric vehicles. Launched in 2019, this Chinese automotive brand is making a resounding pledge toward a more sustainable future. Through its remarkable array of New Energy Vehicles (NEVs), Geely Geometry transforms the auto industry, spearheading the move toward a greener tomorrow.

2019 – today

The company’s logo is designed in the shape of a rearview mirror. The reflective surface is covered by a cast structure of six rectangular figures. Modern navigation and automatic control systems assist the driver in orienting in space, making past driving approaches unsuitable with Geometry A.

The checkered pattern, convex, and flat elements play on the idea of a constructor. The emblem showcases precision, design craftsmanship, and a blend of innovative solutions and new forms. This play of textures is well reflected on the hoods of the cars.

The letters of the name, placed below, are crafted in a geometric square style but with rounded corners reminiscent of car bodies.

The name was chosen to emphasize the role of geometry in creating perfect cars. The letter A, being the first in the alphabet, promises that the company will develop the car of the future – the first of its kind.