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Great Wall Logo

Great Wall Logo
Great Wall Logo PNG

Great Wall is a brand of SUVs, trucks, and cars manufactured by Great Wall Motors Co., Ltd. Its parent company was established in 1984 in China. In addition to vehicles, it manufactures automotive components to supply local car manufacturers. For this, she has more than 20 subsidiaries.

Meaning and History

Great Wall Logo History
Evolution of the Great Wall Logo

The Great Wall Motors holding was named after an ancient landmark – the Great Wall of China. This name symbolizes the company’s greatness, stability, and resilience, which is constantly expanding its sales geography. In 2006 she entered the European markets, and in 2009 she conquered Australia. Its logo, like cars, is known in many countries around the world. It has a classic oval shape, which has not changed since 1990. In total, there are two versions of the design: simple two-dimensional and with a high-gloss chrome shine.

1984 – 1990

Great Wall Logo 1984-1990

The first Great Wall badge lived up to the brand name because it featured a fragment of the Great Wall of China. The artists chose an abstract style, so the associations are not obvious. The black and white drawing consisted of several geometric elements: two arched lines, one above the other, and an oval-shaped ring frame. The upper arch had a rectangular protrusion in the central part. The oval created a dynamic feel due to the contrasting thickness.

1990 – present

Great Wall Logo 1990-present

The new logo has a modern look. It appears three-dimensional due to the silvery gradient, subtle dark outlines, and a light gray stripe down the center. The structure has also changed: the symbol is solid and looks like an oval with a cube-shaped protrusion. It depicts the Loulu watchtower, which is part of the Great Wall of China and is used as storage or for sending messages using smoke signals.

At the bottom, there is a red inscription – the name of the brand. The designers chose simple lettering to balance the visually “heavy” icon. The first letters in words are capitalized. Serifs are missing; corners are slightly smoothed.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

Great Wall Emblem

The main symbol of the car company is the Great Wall of China, which is reflected in both the name and the logo. This is not just a reference to a tourist attraction – it is a reflection of the whole concept. The badge can be interpreted as the embodiment of China’s industrial spirit. It demonstrates the process of uniting a nation for the sake of achieving a common goal. The key meaning of the emblem boils down to the continuity of generations: it shows that modern production is as close-knit as the workers who built the Great Wall of China. Here is an encrypted hint that the result of joint work will be reliable and durable.

Great Wall lettering balances out the graphic portion of the logo. It is simple but stylish: the designers used a classic sans-serif typeface. The letters are bold; the first “G” and “W” in both words are capital letters. All corners are slightly rounded.

Great Wall Symbol

Quite modest typography is combined with a rich red color. It was also chosen to contrast with the hand-drawn emblem. In turn, the oval with the element protruding inside is painted in several silvery shades. They are complemented by a narrow dark gray, almost black outline, and white highlights. The combination of these colors makes the image three-dimensional, making it look like a real car symbol made of metal.