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To win, one must be highly focused and not distracted by external irritants. This is precisely what the Hoonigan logo asserts. It conveys unity, team spirit, and the determination to stay within bounds, even in unfavorable circumstances.

Hoonigan: Brand overview

Hoonigan is a brand associated with extreme sports. It is a racing team that participates in the American Rally Association. Its full name is Hoonigan Racing Division. However, its popularity came not from the racing track but from the online space on YouTube. Like-minded individuals began uploading video content related to car culture and extreme driving in various types of vehicles. Upgrading supercars, bold drifting, racing on circuit tracks, and captivating stunts won the hearts of risk enthusiasts and made the channel widely known. Initially, the club was created as the Monster World Rally Team and was launched in 2010. Its organizer is Ken Block. The headquarters is located in Park City, Utah.

Meaning and History

Hoonigan Logo History

Ken Block was a professional racing driver and an avid rally promoter. He loved speed, extreme driving, and sharp turns in cars, and he shared this passion with others by uploading his own content on YouTube. His team developed stunts, brought them to life, and conducted the filming. Car enthusiasts attracted attention not only with their thrilling videos but also with their own stores. They produce and sell several categories of goods, including clothing for adults and children, accessories, and merchandise with the logo, which remains virtually unchanged: the brand name, bracketed on both sides by square brackets.

What is Hoonigan?

Hoonigan is the shortened name for Hoonigan Racing Division, a racing team, its YouTube channel, and its online store. The brand’s visionary creator is professional racing driver Kenneth Paul Block, who organized it to participate in the American Rally Association. Initially, the club was called Monster World Rally Team. It was established in 2010, with its headquarters located in Park City, Utah.

2010 – today

Hoonigan Logo

The Hoonigan logo is textual. It features the brand name in a stencil-style font. All letters are uniform: massive, uppercase, geometric, blocky, bold, combined from two or three elements. The exception is only “A,” which is formed from one part with an open crossbar. The distance from the crossbar to the neighboring leg is similar to the space between parts of other glyphs, so the single-component letter is visually perceived as multi-component.

“O” is double: it is divided into two mirror fragments. “N” is triple: it has two vertical strokes, and in the gap between them is a diagonal stripe hanging alone in the air. There is also a version with the crossbar attached to one of the halves. The team’s name is enclosed in square brackets as if to denote the boundary of its interests.

Font and Colors

Hoonigan Emblem

The text in the Hoonigan emblem is set in a stencil-style typeface reminiscent of Gunplay Regular (developed by designer Ray Larabie). It was inspired by the lettering on a poster for the 1972 film The Getaway. The only discrepancy is in the letter “N,” which in some versions of the logo is formed from two parts and in others from three.

The palette of visual identity is more straightforward and traditional: it includes a combination of black and white. If a light background is chosen for the name, the glyphs themselves are dark, and vice versa. This ensures excellent contrast and makes the word easily readable despite the presence of empty spaces in the lines of the letters.

Hoonigan Symbol