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The modern logo of the Spanish energy company Iberdrola symbolizes the focus on “green” energy and sustainable development. The stylized image of tree leaves represents the company’s core principle of its operations.

Iberdrola: Brand overview

Founded:November 1, 1992
Bilbao, Spain
Iberdrola is a Spanish energy company and a leading producer and supplier of electricity in Spain, South America, Asia, and Africa. It also supplies gas to consumers in Spain and some European countries. Iberdrola is among the top ten largest international operators of renewable energy sources (owning a network of solar and wind power plants). The company’s headquarters are located in Bilbao, Spain.

Meaning and History

Iberdrola Logo History

Iberdrola was created in 1991 following the merger of two of Spain’s oldest electric power companies, Hidroelectrica Espanola and Iberduero. Hidroelectrica Espanola, better known as Hidrola, traces its history back to 1907, merging with Saltos-del-Duero, and Iberduero reorganized Hidroelectrica Ibérica, which had been operating since 1901. Thus, Iberdrola is rightfully considered Spain’s oldest energy company, with numerous power plants of various types and related enterprises.

Since 1960, the company Hidroelectrica Espanyola, which formed the basis of Iberdrola, has been involved in the Spanish nuclear energy development program. In 2001, it was headed by Jose Ignacio Sanchez Galan, who focused on renewable energy sources and began the active construction of wind and solar power stations throughout Europe and South America. In 2007, Iberdrola entered the energy markets of the United Kingdom and the USA.

Today, the company has over 33 million consumers, 10 million of which are in Spain; it owns five nuclear power plants, two thermal complexes, and three CORE renewable energy centers in Toledo, Portland, and Glasgow.

The company actively sponsors Spanish women’s sports, thus enjoying good public support and an impeccable consumer reputation. The quality of services is always high, and the prices are affordable.

The modern Iberdrola logo reflects its commitment to environmental preservation and the generation of ecologically safe energy. The history of the brand’s name creation began over a hundred years ago.

What is Iberdrola?

Iberdrola is a Spanish company that produces and distributes electricity. It emerged in the early 1990s as a result of the merger of Iberduero and Hidrola. Over several years, it transformed into a large multinational group, acquiring Energy East and ScottishPower. Today, it is a leading energy supplier in Europe, Latin America, and the USA. Iberdrola ranks second globally in wind energy production and aims to reduce carbon emissions.

1901 – 1944

Hidroelectrica Iberica Logo 1901-1944

The initial logo of the electric power company contained the words “Hidroeléctrica Ibérica.” This was its first name before merging with other industrial enterprises. The phrase occupied two rows and had an arc-like form. Curved lines were set against a natural landscape background.

1907 – 1944

Saltos del Duero Logo 1907-1944

The next emblem version is more practical: characterized by simplicity, geometric structure, and a lack of numerous small details. It was written in capital letters from the company’s then-name, Saltos del Duero, which merged with Hidroeléctrica Ibérica in 1944 into the large energy organization Iberduero. The abbreviation “SD” consisted of straight trapezoidal segments arranged in an irregular black octagon.

1907 – 1991

Hidroelectrica Espanola Logo 1907-1991

This is another company’s logo that later became part of Iberdrola (in 1992). Its name was Hidroeléctrica Española. It served as the basis for a personal sign in the form of a short abbreviation “HE” with one shared side. White geometric letters were placed in a double bright red square.

1944 – 1991

Iberduero Logo 1944-1991

As a result of the merger of several specialized companies, Iberduero emerged, which received its logo. It was minimalist and looked like a large “O” letter crossed by a capital “I.” These are the letters “b” and “d” turned back to back with one shared part. And indeed, an “I” stands behind them. Below is the full name of the company, executed in smooth chopped signs.

1991 – 2001

Iberdrola Logo 1991-2001

After extensive merging and rebranding, the energy company changed its logo design, retaining the previous colors – red and black. The same letter is depicted on a white background in lower and upper case – “iI.” This is an allegorical designation of the word “Iberdrola.” The first symbol’s upper dot is enlarged and merges with the lower part. Below the text is the company’s extended name, consisting of upper-case serif letters.

2001 – 2023

Iberdrola Logo 2001

With the onset of renewable energy development, Iberdrola radically changed its logo. The full company name, written in green, was used, symbolizing nature protection and eco-friendliness. Above the name on the left are three icons: a green leaf, a blue, and an orange drop. Each is filled with meaning:

  • The green leaf signifies the use of safe and eco-friendly technologies.
  • The blue drop symbolizes renewable wind energy and natural gas.
  • The orange drop is a sign of solar energy.
  • The first emblem’s background is white. Tinted plaques with blue and green backgrounds are also used; in this case, the company’s name is written in white.

The Iberdrola emblem is included in the Top Best Brands ranking as most accurately reflecting its business, ecological orientation, and care for the environment.

2023 – today

Iberdrola Logo

The Iberdrola logo has undergone a stunning transformation, developed by the Iberdrola brand team and Design Bridge and Partners. This transformation holds immense significance, embodying Iberdrola’s current standing and ambitions. It speaks of a modern, accessible, connected identity that resonates with a global audience.

The brand’s emblem evolution has been significant, becoming more contrasted and specially adapted for digital platforms. This led to the creation of a design language that is simultaneously simple and comprehensible. The new symbol is particularly notable for uniting Iberdrola’s global markets, including the USA (Avangrid), Brazil (Neoenergia), and the United Kingdom (Scottish Power).

The brand emblem has elevated eco-friendliness to a new level thanks to a new revolutionary design. It’s 50% lighter than its predecessor, requires less energy, and has a higher loading speed. This innovative design saves energy and money and reduces the logo’s loading time, making it a win-win for everyone.

Iberdrola chose a vibrant color palette to represent its commitment to the Earth: green for renewable energy, blue for water, and orange for the sun. This powerful color combination symbolizes the company’s commitment to environmental protection and investment in renewable energy sources, illustrating its desire to impact our planet positively.

The IberPangea font family was chosen to complete the new branding, adding versatility and accessibility to the emblem across all mediums. Its variability, efficiency, and legibility make it the perfect choice for both digital and offline contexts, ensuring that the brand will be visible and impactful regardless of the platform.

Iberdrola: Interesting Facts

Iberdrola is a big company that works with electricity and is into making energy from things like wind and the sun.

  1. How It Started: Iberdrola began in 1901 with a company called Hidroeléctrica Ibérica. It grew over time by joining other companies, becoming the Iberdrola we know today in 1992.
  2. All About Green Energy: They’re into using energy from nature, like wind, to make electricity. They want to do this even more in the future because it’s better for the planet.
  3. Working Around the World: Iberdrola isn’t just in Spain; it’s also in places like the USA, the UK, Brazil, Mexico, and Australia. This means it helps many people get electricity.
  4. Creating New Stuff: They spend a lot of money to figure out new ways to make and use energy better and cleaner. This includes things like smart grids and ways to store energy.
  5. Smart Grids: Iberdrola is leading the way in using digital technology to ensure that electricity is used and managed smartly, helping to use more green energy.
  6. No More Carbon: By 2050, Iberdrola wants to stop adding carbon to the air, which is bad for the planet. They plan to do this by using more green energy and less coal.
  7. Protecting Nature: Besides making clean energy, Iberdrola wants to care for plants and animals. They try not to harm nature and even help protect it.
  8. Helping the Community: They support sports, schools, and the arts, which shows they care about improving the world rather than just making money.
  9. Winning Prizes: Iberdrola has won many awards for its use of green energy and for being a responsible company.

So, Iberdrola is a company that started with one idea and grew into a global leader in using clean energy. They’re working to improve the world by using energy that doesn’t harm the earth and helping in other ways.

Font and Colors

Iberdrola Emblem

The textual part of the logo is executed in a sans-serif font. That is, it’s a sans-serif grotesque font with straight ends. But the straight letters have one interesting feature: some of them lack a closed middle stroke. Specifically, the letters “B” and “R” don’t reach the front leg in the middle stroke, so the symbols seem unfinished. The inscription is in uppercase. The modern emblem uses a saturated palette: bright yellow, blue, and green in two shades.

Iberdrola Symbol

Iberdrola color codes

Olive DrabHex color:#5c871a
RGB:92 135 26
CMYK:32 0 81 47
Pantone:PMS 362 C
Rich Electric BlueHex color:#0c88ca
RGB:12 136 202
CMYK:94 33 0 21
Pantone:PMS 7461 C
Golden PoppyHex color:#f68c1b
RGB:246 140 27
CMYK:0 43 89 4
Pantone:PMS 151 C