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The focus and commitment to green energy and sustainability are symbolized by the modern logo of Iberdrola, a Spanish energy company. The stylized image of tree leaves symbolizes the basic principle of its activity.

Iberdrola: Brand overview

Founded: November 1, 1992
Bilbao, Spain
Website: iberdrola.es
Iberdrola (Iberdrola) – the Spanish energy company, is a leading producer and electricity supplier in Spain, South America, Asia, and Africa. It also supplies gas to consumers in Spain and some European countries. Iberdrola is one of the ten largest international renewable energy operators (owns a solar and wind power plant network). The central office is located in Bilbao (Spain).

Meaning and History

Iberdrola Logo History

Iberdrola was created in 1991 after the merger of the two oldest Spanish electrical companies Hidroelectrica Espanyola and Iberduero. Hidroelectrica Espanyola, better known as Hidrola, had a history that began in 1907 by merging with Saltos-del-Duero, Iberduero in 1944 reorganization of Hidroelectrica Ibérica, which has been operating since 1901. Therefore, Iberdrola is rightfully considered the oldest energy company in Spain with many power plants of various types and related enterprises.

Since 1960, Hidroelectrica Espanyola, from which Iberdrola was created, has been involved in the Spanish nuclear power program. In 2001, Jose Ignacio Sánchez Galán became the head, which focused on renewable energy sources and began the active construction of wind and solar power plants throughout Europe and South America. In 2007, Iberdrola entered the UK and US energy markets.

Today, the company’s clients are more than 33 million consumers, of which 10 million are in Spain; it owns five nuclear power plants, two thermal complexes, and 3 CORE renewable energy centers – in Toledo, Portland, and Glasgow.

The company actively sponsors Spanish women’s sports; therefore, it has good support from the population and an impeccable reputation with consumers. The quality of services is always high, and the prices are affordable.

The current Iberdrola logo reflects its focus on preserving the environment and generating energy in environmentally friendly ways. And the history of creating a brand name began over a hundred years ago.

1901 – 1944

Hidroelectrica Iberica Logo 1901-1944

The original logo of the electricity company contained the words “Hidroeléctrica Ibérica.” This was its first name before merging with other industry enterprises. The phrase occupied two rows and had an arched shape. The curved lines were set against the backdrop of a natural landscape.

1907 – 1944

Saltos del Duero Logo 1907-1944

The next version of the emblem is more practical: it is characterized by simplicity, geometric structure, and the absence of many small details. It was capitalized from the then name of the Saltos del Duero company, 1944 merged with Hidroeléctrica Ibérica to form the large energy organization Iberduero. The abbreviation “SD” consisted of straight trapezoidal segments located in an irregular black octagon.

1907 – 1991

Hidroelectrica Espanola Logo 1907-1991

This is the logo of another company that later became part of Iberdrola (in 1992). Its name is Hidroeléctrica Española. This served as the basis for the personal mark in the form of a short abbreviation “HE” with one common side. White geometric letters were placed in a double, bright red square.

1944 – 1991

Iberduero Logo 1944-1991

As a result of the merger of several specialized companies, Iberduero emerged, which received its logo. She was minimalist and looked like a large “O” crossed out by a capital “I.” These are the letters “b” and “d,” turned back to each other, with one common part. And against their background stands really “I.” Below is the company’s full name, executed in smooth chopped signs.

1991 – 2001

Iberdrola Logo 1991-2001

After a large-scale merger and rebranding, the power company changed the logo design, keeping the same colors – red and black. On a white background, the same letter is depicted in lowercase and uppercase – “iI.” This is the figurative designation of the word “Iberdrola.” At the first symbol, the upper point is enlarged and merged with the lower part. Below the text is the company’s expanded name, consisting of letters with serifs in the upper case.

2001 – today

Iberdrola Logo 2001-present

Since the beginning of the development of renewable energy, Iberdrola has radically changed its logo. The company’s full name, written in green, was used, which symbolizes the protection of nature and environmental friendliness. There are three icons above the name on the left: green leaf, blue and orange drops. They are all filled with meaning:

  • green leaf – that safe and environmentally friendly technologies are used;
  • blue drop symbolizes renewable wind energy, as well as natural gas;
  • orange drop – a sign of the sun’s energy.

The background of the first emblem is white. Along with it, tinted plates with a blue and green background are also used; in this case, the company name is written in white.

The Iberdrola logo is featured in Top Best Brands as the most accurate representation of its business, environmental focus, and concern for the environment.

Font and Colors

Iberdrola Emblem

The text part of the logo is made with a Sans Serif typeface. That is, it is a chopped grotesque typeface with straight ends. But the smooth letters have one interesting feature: some do not have a closed middle stroke. In particular, “B” and “R” have a centerline that does not reach the front leg, so the characters appear incomplete. The inscription is made in an uppercase font. The modern emblem uses a rich palette: bright yellow, blue, and green in two shades.

Iberdrola Symbol

Iberdrola color codes

Olive Drab Hex color: #5c871a
RGB: 92 135 26
CMYK: 32 0 81 47
Pantone: PMS 362 C
Rich Electric Blue Hex color: #0c88ca
RGB: 12 136 202
CMYK: 94 33 0 21
Pantone: PMS 7461 C
Golden Poppy Hex color: #f68c1b
RGB: 246 140 27
CMYK: 0 43 89 4
Pantone: PMS 151 C