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IFR Aspid: Brand overview

IFR Aspid was founded in 2003 by Ignacio Fernández Rodríguez in Reus, Spain, and takes its name from a species of viper that inhabits the northern regions of Spain. The company attracted attention when it unveiled its first Aspid Super Sport concept car in the mid-2000s. This car attracted public attention for its innovative design and for its advanced technical solutions.

The debut of the Aspid Super Sport concept at the British International Motor Show in 2008 attracted media attention and brought the fledgling Spanish automaker to the forefront. Between 2009 and 2011, the company refined various Aspid Super Sport prototypes, focusing on lightweight construction and the use of advanced materials.

In 2012, IFR Aspid released a finished version of the Aspid Super Sport, but only a limited number of them were produced in the following years. The company decided to expand its range and introduced the Aspid GT-21 in 2016. This two-seater was designed as a tribute to the sports racers of the 1960s and retained a focus on low weight and high performance.

In a recent update, the company introduced the 2020 Aspid Super Sport 300+ model. This latest iteration of the original model features a turbocharged four-cylinder engine with over 400 hp. To this day, IFR Aspid continues to operate as a boutique manufacturer of high-performance sports cars, having produced fewer than 100 vehicles. The company is a model of Spanish automobile manufacturing focused on individual customer needs.

Meaning and History

IFR Aspid Logo History

2003 – 2008

IFR automotive Logo 2003

2008 – today

IFR Aspid Logo

The image of IFR Aspid is associated with the viper, which lives in the part of Spain where the company is located. The image of a menacing, hissing snake is even present on the emblem. However, this should not be taken as a symbol of danger. On the contrary, it reflects the elegant grace and lightning speed of the cars. The brand name is written in a font with long, sharp serifs, similar to fangs. The “S” tapering to the bottom resembles a crawling snake. The round base has a yellow-orange gradient, giving the impression of glowing in the sun.

The yellow-orange gradient mimics the natural coloration of some snake species and evokes a sense of energy and dynamism in keeping with the brand’s focus on high-speed performance. The long, sharp serifs of the font further emphasize the viper motif and add a twist to the overall design.