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Any brand of gambling entertainment had to be noticeable. That’s why the Ladbrokes logo is not just bright – it contains elements of unusual shapes that are easily recognizable. The hidden dynamics of the symbol show how quickly you can make money playing casinos or betting on sports.

Ladbrokes: Brand overview

London, UK

Ladbrokes is a one-of-a-kind brand that operates in the gambling industry. The company has a large number of platforms that provide customers with the opportunity to place different bets and have fun in slot machines. This includes poker, backgammon, casino, and bingo. The company’s head office is located in London (UK), and the annual revenue is more than 100 million pounds.

The brand’s corporate identity is advantageous against the background of competitors’ design. Its distinctive features are bright, spectacular colors and a contrasting inscription, complemented by a beautiful abstract figure. The chosen design demonstrates the principles of the company, as well as its core values. Expressive coloring emphasizes energy, while thin, neat letters in italics emphasize dynamism and professionalism.

Meaning and History

Ladbrokes Logo History

Ladbrokes is part of the GVC holdings network. But, the company got into this structure relatively recently. At a certain period, the company owned one of the most famous brands – Hilton. In addition, Ladbrokes owned a large number of bookmakers, several greyhound racing stadiums, hotels, a chain of DIY stores, recreation centers, and other facilities. But, over time, the brand sold part of its enterprises, focusing on gambling.

The history of visual identity is also ambiguous. The development of corporate identity can only be traced during those periods when the company was directly called Ladbrokes. It was based on bright, noticeable logos, the central element of which was the name. All of them were made in a similar style and colors. Designers have always chosen an expressive combination of red and white colors. The contrasting color scheme and stylish font emphasized strength, friendliness, energy, and honesty.

What is Ladbrokes?

Ladbrokes is one of the largest gaming companies in the UK. It has many bookmakers that offer customers a variety of gambling entertainment. Among them are poker, casino, betting, backgammon, bingo, and financial bets. Currently, the office is located in London, and the company itself is part of the GVC holdings.

1982 – 1989

Ladbrokes Logo 1982

The foundation for the future giant of the gambling industry was laid back in 1886. But, the main activity in a full-fledged form began to develop only in 1961, and already in 1982, the company received its first official logo. It was an expressive and stylish picture, which favorably emphasized the best sides of Ladbrokes. It consisted of an elongated parallelogram and the brand name.

The frame in the form of a geometric figure symbolized movement and development, and the red color of the background emphasized energy. A stylish inscription was located inside the symbolic parallelogram. It is decorated with soft round letters, demonstrating confidence and comfort. All these characteristics were the basis of the company’s philosophy.

2004 – 2012

Ladbrokes Logo 2004

After 1989, the company went through a long period of change. Ladbrokes was expanding its operations and then selling some of its assets during this time. Only in 2004, the brand again actively engaged in strengthening its position in the market and decided to rebrand. The new version has become a more stylish and perfect continuation of the visual concept.

It retained some of the features of its predecessor. But, in general, the picture has completely changed, which was confirmed by the company’s update. In the center of the emblem was the same Ladbrokes inscription but in a more elegant and original format. Wordmarks are made in straight lines of medium thickness with slightly elongated upper ends.

The unusual font was complemented by bright red color, in which the letters of the name are painted. It is a symbol of life, energy, strength, and progressiveness. The background is traditionally represented by a neutral white color, demonstrating honesty and integrity. These are the most important principles that have become the company’s core values.

2012 – today

Ladbrokes Logo

In 2012, the final version of the logo was formed, which is still relevant today. It is a clearer and more stylish inscription, complemented by an abstract figure. More expressive and thin contours of letters testified to the high status and strengthening of positions. In addition, the new emblem emphasized the expansion of the structure and entry into new markets.

This was evidenced by the appearance of a new element – a decorative figure. It was located in front of the name and resembled the letter L in shape. The inscription itself is located at a slight slope, which demonstrates the dynamism of development. Changes also affected the colors. It became brighter and more expressive, which emphasized the brand’s success.

Font and Colors

Ladbrokes Emblem

The Ladbrokes corporate logo looks quite powerful and stylish. Its distinctive features are bright, energetic coloring and neat thin typeface from the Sans Serif category. This group is characterized by a lack of serifs, smooth contours, and soft corners. In this case, the original type of fonts from this group is used, in which smooth lines and right angles are organically connected.

In the context of the visual concept, this format means novelty, the desire for development and activity. In addition, the company laid an additional message in the emblem. It is reflected in harmonious colors. The main element is painted in bright red, and the background is a basic white tint. In this combination, there is a real balance between vigor and stable development.

Ladbrokes Symbol

Separately, the colors also emphasize vitality, honesty, and integrity, which is especially important for gaming brand customers. These qualities have been at the heart of the Ladbrokes philosophy throughout its existence. A clear confirmation is using the same corporate colors in different logos.

Ladbrokes color codes

RuddyHex color:#ff0b24
RGB:255 11 36
CMYK:0 96 86 0
Pantone:PMS Bright Red C