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The McKinsey logo is as serious as the services this company provides. It works with businesses, helping their owners solve various management problems. So the second side of the emblem is sophistication. It symbolizes high status and aristocracy.

McKinsey: Brand overview

Founder:James O. McKinsey
New York, USA

McKinsey is a renowned business management services company. The company’s main office is located in New York (USA), but the geography is not limited to the specified city. Its activities are scaled to the international level. McKinsey & Company works with major international institutions, including non-profit organizations, government agencies, and private companies. The trust in the brand is so great that it has been repeatedly called the most prestigious in the world.

Despite the impressive achievements and scale of activity, the visual component of the identity is rather modest. The logo consists of only two words denoting the name – McKinsey & Company. In this case, an elegant minimalist picture favorably emphasizes the aristocracy, elitism, and authority in this area. These features perfectly characterize a well-known brand that has managed to become a world leader in the field of management services.

Meaning and History

McKinsey Logo History

McKinsey & Company is a structure that offers professional assistance to institutions from different sectors. A team of experts works with clients who are well versed in the management of social, public, and private organizations. Strategic advice is of particular value because McKinsey & Company’s experts are among the best internationally.

Throughout the entire period of its existence, the company has been constantly developing, which can also be traced to the context of visual identity. The modern logo is a more refined version of the original badge, which appeared at the time of the company’s creation. The new concept demonstrated the growth and development of the company, as well as its main goal – high-quality services. These features are reflected through the elegant, strict lines of the font, as well as the creative arrangement of the parts of the word symbol.

What is McKinsey?

McKinsey & Company is the name of one of the world’s largest management consulting firms. The main office is located in America, and more than 100 offices are outside the country. The network of structural units in different countries allows us to provide a full range of services to foreign clients. They can get professional help in the field of strategic consulting, regardless of the type of sector.

1926 – 2019

McKinsey Logo 1926

McKinsey & Company was founded by a University of Chicago professor studying accounting and business management techniques. He was the first who began to use financial planning for the competent organization of management processes. He decided to put his work to the test. To do this, in 1926, he created his own company providing management services.

The visual identity of the enterprise was based on a simple, concise logo, which consisted of just a name. The wordmark was designed in a simple, uncomplicated font, which was often used for logos in those days. It was distinguished by the presence of classic serifs, graceful curves, and elegant lines. The inscription itself was painted in dark color and located on the same level. Another feature was the full compliance of spelling with the rules of grammar.

The McKinsey & Company inscription has lowercase and uppercase, arranged according to spelling. This clearly confirms the strict observance of the established requirements and standards by the company itself. The simple and concise format also demonstrated several other strengths of McKinsey & Company. Among them are honesty, high quality, professionalism, and reliability. These principles were the components of the brand’s philosophy at that time and are relevant today.

2019 – today

McKinsey Logo

In 2019, the company was already able to achieve impressive results in its segment. It was also decided to consolidate the result at the level of visual identity, which became a prerequisite for changing the logo. The central element of the updated version was still the inscription but in a new interpretation. The designers made the font lines thicker, and in the letters A and C, they added originally pronounced serifs. The letters Y have also changed. In the old version, they are smoother, and in the new one, they are straight and sharp.

Such changes indicated an increase in the firm’s self-confidence and an improvement in the quality of services provided. During this period, McKinsey & Company has already actively established cooperation with foreign customers and expanded the office network. This fact was also confirmed by the new layout of the word mark. It became two-level, symbolizing the transition to a new stage in development. In addition, this decision made the emblem more stylish.

Font and Colors

McKinsey Symbol

The current version of the McKinsey & Company logo is a strict, laconic inscription indicating the name. The words are located on two levels but are made in the same style. The font is distinguished by the original serifs on the letters C and A, also expressed by the straight letters Y. In general, the wordmark has good readability due to small clear spaces.

This format demonstrates confidence, reliability, and professionalism. The picture is complemented by an achromatic color scheme consisting of black and white. Dark shades demonstrate prestige, authority, and elitism, while white emphasizes the integrity and honesty of the company. In addition, the white color can be called a symbol of openness.

In the case of McKinsey & Company, this means a positive attitude towards expanding activities and establishing partnerships at the international level. Such a policy has a positive impact on the activities and opens up new opportunities for the company’s specialists. Based on all these principles, the firm achieved impressive results and became a member of the “Great Three” consulting companies.

McKinsey color codes

Squid InkHex color:#051c2c
RGB:5 28 44
CMYK:89 36 0 83
Pantone:PMS 296 C