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The Miles & More logo signifies the practicality and comfort provided by the renowned German company Lufthansa. The dual emblem highlights their close connection, showing customers that this is an experienced and professional airline worthy of high trust.

Miles & More: Brand overview

Lufthansa’s Miles & More, which also serves other airlines within the Star Alliance, is a frequent flyer program launched in 1993. This initiative was introduced as a strategy to incentivize and reward regular travelers. Members of Miles & More accrue points or miles when they fly with any of the participating airlines, which include Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines, SWISS, Brussels Airlines, and other Star Alliance members.

The accumulated miles offer members a range of rewards, such as complimentary flights, upgrades, and other benefits. Several membership levels within the program, with names like Frequent Traveler and Senator, each bringing its own set of privileges. The base membership is free, with elevated tiers offering additional advantages like bonus miles, access to exclusive lounges, priority services, and more.

In Miles & More, the accrued miles don’t reach an expiration date, but any accounts showing no activity over 18 months will be deactivated automatically. Earning miles isn’t limited to flights; members can also accumulate points through hotel accommodations, car rentals, availing financial services, and other partner collaborations.

As of 2022, the program boasts a worldwide membership of over 18 million individuals. To assist members in managing their accounts, redeeming rewards, and monitoring their miles, Miles & More provides various tools and apps. Other services offered by the program include:

  • Digital membership cards.
  • Reminders for mileage expiration.
  • Facilitation of account transfers.
  • Mile auctions.

Meaning and History

Miles & More Logo History

1993 – today

The Miles & More logo is based on the name of the company it represents. The large inscription catches the eye and stands out well against any background: it adorns the liveries of the brand’s aircraft, serves as a recognizable sign in airports worldwide, and acts as an effective promotional tool. The emblem is divided into two zones:

  • Individual (with its name in the brand’s style);
  • Parent (with the name of the company to which the airline belongs).

The upper inscription is in bold font, mixing upper and lower case letters. The letters are very expressive and massive, hinting at the reliability and stability of the aviation brand. Its limitless perspective is demonstrated in the ampersand “&,” which resembles an inverted infinity symbol. This signifies continuous development and constant air travel.

The lower half of the Miles & More logo features the Lufthansa emblem. This confirms the carrier’s origin – it is a subsidiary of the well-known airline, created as a separate project and established as an independent brand. The round emblem depicts a stylized bird soaring upwards, symbolizing flight, freedom of movement, high speed, and professionalism, fitting perfectly with the aviation company’s concept. Next to it is the company’s name.

Both inscriptions are executed in the same style—bold and grotesque, with perfectly balanced, rounded, and angular elements. The capital and lowercase glyphs balance each other well, presenting the brand as proper, responsible, and serious. This meticulous attention to the font indicates that the carrier strictly adheres to flight schedules and is responsible for passenger comfort, offering premium services and bonus miles.