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The Miles & More logo symbolizes excellence and comfort in the world of air travel. It’s two-tiered lettering, consisting of the words “Miles & More” emblazoned with an “&” in blue and bold typeface, is instantly eye-catching and associated with endless travel opportunities and loyalty bonuses.

The bottom of the logo is an additional symbol, a circle, with a flying bird to the left, in blue. This sign perfectly harmonizes with the main inscription, creating a single stylish element.

“Miles & More” is not just a brand but a world of possibilities for those who love to travel. Lufthansa created this destination to appreciate and reward the loyalty of its customers by allowing them to earn bonus miles for every flight. This allows them to cut travel costs, gain access to premium services, and redeem miles for other bonuses.

The Miles & More emblem symbolizes the endless possibilities of travel and transportation and is a symbol of the reliability and comfort that Lufthansa offers. Its stylish design reflects elegance, high quality, and prestige.

The company’s identity is to create an uncompromising culture of service and comfort for its customers, and the visual identity is a reliable symbol of this philosophy.

Miles & More: Brand overview

Founded: 1 January 1993
Founder: Lufthansa Group
Neu-Isenburg, Germany

Meaning and History

Miles & More Logo History

Miles & More color codes

Dark Navy Blue Hex color: #000066
RGB: 0 0 102
CMYK: 100 100 0 60
Pantone: PMS 2745 C