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Nespresso Logo
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Nespresso is a premium brand and an operating arm of the Nestle Group corporation based in Lausanne, Switzerland, founded by entrepreneur Eric Favre. It has existed since 1986. It is engaged in the production of coffee machines and capsule coffee.

Meaning and History

Nespresso Logo History
Evolution of theNespresso Logo

It is a luxury brand with exquisite taste and superior style that extends to everything related to its business. The focus is not only on impeccable coffee but also on the original packaging, decorated with an individual logo.

The company logo is very simple and consists of a combination of two elements – graphic and verbal. It was adopted in the foundation year and has never changed (except for the color).

The style of the logo is art deco, sophisticated and elegant yet modern and practical at the same time. The writing font is an author’s font developed by the Zecraft design agency. It reflects technical strength and reliability.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

Nespresso Emblem

The word “Nespresso” contains strict capital letters and the only graphic element that brings life to the logo. So, the letter “N” is made in two identical parts in a mirror arrangement. They look like a checkmark or a stylized “V” with an extended and slightly curved stem. As conceived by the developers, this is an emphasis on the brand’s products and a mark about the impeccability of coffee.

Nespresso Symbol

The sign’s color scheme varies from monochrome (classic black and white) to dark brown (used in some variants). Moreover, the brown palette matches the natural shade of coffee. It testifies to the high quality of the product and expresses concern for consumer convenience.