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The legendary brand has an expressive visual identity. The Pall Mall logo is not just text but a complete layout with a corporate crest. The multi-component chic design demonstrates the solid status of the brand, its long history, and the uniqueness of tobacco products. The stylized coat of arms means a bright individuality. The company used it to stand out from its competitors. It is not only about the appearance of the packaging but also the features of the company’s activities.

Pall Mall: Brand overview

Founder:British American Tobacco
United Kingdom
Pall Mall is one of the most famous cigarette brands sold in most countries of the world. Two companies produce cigarette products at once. It is supplied to the world market by British American Tobacco, which is located in London, and tobacco products created by R.J. Reynolds Tobacco (located in Winston-Salem). Pall Mall uses special tobacco stuffing technology, high-quality raw materials, and high-tech developments in the production process.

Meaning and History

Pall Mall Logo History

Pall Mall is not only popular but also one of the oldest brands of tobacco products. It appeared on the market more than 100 years ago and continues to develop steadily. One of the highlights of the brand is that it is considered an icon of the industry. This status is partly due to the many references to cigarettes in famous films and even literary works. For example, the name can be seen in Stephen King’s and Kurt Vonnegut’s works. Among celebrities, popular film actor Lee Marvin provided particular support.

The visual identity of the brand also impresses buyers. It consists of a symbol that can be considered the coat of arms of Pall Mall and a neat and elegant company name. A characteristic feature of the font is that it is strongly elongated in length. Thin narrow lines designed in this style are a very expressive detail that makes the logo recognizable. The coat of arms decor emphasizes the power and strength of the brand, which has been able to gain popularity on a global level.

What is Pall Mall?

Pall Mall is a popular brand of tobacco products manufactured in England and the United States of America. These cigarettes are owned by British American Tobacco and R.J. Reynolds Tobacco. Both companies are world leaders. But, the difference is that the first one manufactures cigarettes for deliveries to different countries, and the American company supplies products exclusively to the domestic market. In general, Pall Mall cigarettes are the best option in their segment in terms of quality and price.

Pall Mall tobacco products have been in production since 1899. But, the official logo of the company appeared only in 1922, when the production process was already clearly established, and the volume of deliveries began to increase gradually. Since then, the brand has used a stylish, timeless logo that clearly shows the core values ​​and features of the renowned manufacturer. It consists of two parts: the coat of arms and the word mark.

Pall Mall Symbol

The company’s name is at the top of the package, made in an outstanding font in the Art Nouveau style. In the presented version, the letters are rather elongated, thin, and straight. The chosen design betrays respect for tradition, reliability, and reverence. In addition, this unique font variety symbolizes progressiveness and determination. The management observed the harmonious balance of these principles throughout the entire period of activity.

But, these are far from all the brand’s features, expressed at the level of visual identity. A few more important characteristics can be seen in the sumptuous bold coat of arms, which is usually located under the main inscription. It consists of several images. On the sides are figures of lions in crowns, which stand on their hind legs opposite each other. In the center, you can see the image of a knight with a shield. There are also two phrases on the ammunition and at the bottom of the picture.

One of them meant: “Through thorns to the stars,” and the essence of the second was to demonstrate victory. Bold statements were an integral part of the company, which sought to conquer local markets and become one of the best brands of tobacco products in the world. Ambitious plans were also reflected in light, confident colors. For the background, a classic shade was used, indicating honesty and responsibility, and for the design of the main details, a base color, denoting trust, was used.

Font and Colors

Pall Mall Emblem

The visual identity of Pall Mall was based on the uniqueness of the technology and the high quality of its products. In addition, the designers focused on the history of iconic cigarettes. Their creations resulted in an elegant, stylish emblem, which included an original inscription and a powerful coat of arms. The logical conclusion of the visual concept was beautiful light coloring.

It consisted of only two colors – white and light blue. White color was used to decorate the background of the logo. He conveyed an honest, responsible, and conscientious attitude to production. In most cases, the main elements (coat of arms and name) were presented in a light blue tint. It is a symbol of authority, reliability, trust, and professionalism. For the main inscription of the logo (company name), an elegant font was used, the style of which is similar to modern.

This category is perfect for Pall Mall branding. This is because she simultaneously demonstrates respect for traditions, courage, and readiness for new achievements. A tribute to the past is expressed in the presence of classic serifs, and the desire for development is symbolically reflected in elongated thin lines tending to the top. All this is harmoniously combined with a detailed coat of arms and indicates the solid status of one of the best tobacco brands in the world.

Pall Mall color codes

DenimHex color:#2861b7
RGB:40 97 183
CMYK:78 47 0 28
Pantone:PMS 285 C