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The naturalness of the ingredients is visible in the brand logo. These means have a mild effect. Nourish and fortify the skin due to vegetable raw materials. The Palmolive logo guarantees effectiveness throughout the application.

Palmolive: Brand overview

United States
Palmolive is a line of products manufactured by Colgate-Palmolive. It distributes soaps, shower gels, hair conditioners, shampoos, and dishwashing detergents worldwide. The brand began with B.J. Johnson Soap Company, which appeared in 1864 and launched Palmolive soap in 1898. In 1925, the Palmolive-Peet Company merged with Colgate. And in 1953, they switched to the current name Colgate-Palmolive.

Meaning and History

Palmolive Logo History

The permanent and well-recognized logo of this trademark appeared in 1948. It is made based on the word “Palmolive,” which means the composition of the branded soap – palm and olive oil. In total, there are seven emblems in the history of the company.

What is Palmolive?

Palmolive is an American personal hygiene brand owned by Colgate-Palmolive Company. At the time of its appearance in 1898, it produced bar soap based on palm and olive oils. Today, its product range has expanded to include hair conditioners, shampoo, shower gel, and liquid soap. Its headquarters is located in New York City.

1948 – 1970

Palmolive Logo 1948-1970

The label features a black horizontal rectangle with the yellow “Palmolive” lettering and the same border around the edge. Olive color serves as a background.

1970 – the 1980s

Palmolive Logo 1970-1980s

By that time, the version with elongated black letters on a white background belongs.

the 1980s – 1990

Palmolive Logo 1980s-1990

In the 1980s, there was a color version in which green turned into a neon palette.

1990 – 1995

Palmolive Logo 1990-1995

The designers redesigned the logo, offering a palm leaf and an elongated font with obliquely cut tops “l” and an elongated right side “v.” Green has become much darker.

1995 – 2016

Palmolive Logo 1995-2016

The brand adopted a new logo consisting of a light olive rectangle with top and bottom underlining and a white “Palmolive” word on the inside.

2016 – 2019

Palmolive Logo 2016-2019

The developers added two sheets, changed the font, and made the olive one much darker.

2019 – today

Palmolive Logo 2019-present

Now we use a version with a lightened olive color and yellow-olive lines at the top and bottom.

Palmolive: Interesting Facts

Palmolive, known for cleanliness and personal care, has been around for over a century, starting with soap and now including shampoos, conditioners, shower gels, and dishwashing liquids.

  1. Starting with Soap: In 1898, the B.J. Johnson Soap Company in Milwaukee made soap from palm and olive oils, naming it “Palmolive.”
  2. Becoming a Global Brand: After merging with Colgate & Company in 1928, it expanded worldwide, becoming Colgate-Palmolive in 1953.
  3. Memorable Ads: It is known for catchy ads like “Palmolive softens hands while you do dishes,” which feature Madge, the manicurist.
  4. Worldwide Reach: Palmolive is now available in over 88 countries, tailoring products to different markets.
  5. Eco-Friendly Moves: Palmolive and Colgate-Palmolive focus on sustainability, aiming to reduce plastic waste and conserve resources.
  6. Innovative Products: Continuously innovating, Palmolive offers products for various skin types and preferences, including eco-friendly and sensitive skin options.
  7. Wide Range of Products: What started as a single soap has grown to include a broad selection of personal care items, from shampoos to dishwashing liquids.
  8. Giving Back: Through donations and support programs, Colgate-Palmolive helps with disaster relief, education, and health initiatives worldwide.
  9. A Cultural Icon: Palmolive has become a familiar name in households and is often referenced in popular culture.
  10. Focused on Improvement: With ongoing research and development, Palmolive aims to stay ahead in the personal care industry, emphasizing product quality and environmental sustainability.

From its origins as a soap made with palm and olive oils, Palmolive has become a global brand, continually evolving to meet consumer needs and preferences.

Font and Colors

Palmolive Emblem

The idea of ​​a brand name is simple: it is directly related to the brand’s name. It was played up in many versions but always remained within the olive color of different variations. The background of the word “Palmolive” is still a horizontally elongated rectangle.

Palmolive Symbol

The current typeface consists of closely spaced sans-serif letters. Compared to previous versions, the marks are slightly thicker. The Fontsmith studio contributed to the development of the current trademark design. The logo color has always been olive in various shades.

Palmolive color codes

Bottle GreenHex color:#1d694b
RGB:29 105 75
CMYK:72 0 29 59
Pantone:PMS 7727 C
Acid GreenHex color:#aec02f
RGB:174 192 47
CMYK:9 0 76 25
Pantone:PMS 583 C