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The Philosophy logo is simple and harmonious. The emblem tells us that beauty is a natural extension of the inner state. You don’t need tons of cosmetics to create it. The basis is naturalness, which only remains to be emphasized by the brand’s products.

Philosophy: Brand overview

Founder:Cristina Carlino
New York, United States

Philosophy is the consumer cosmetics by Cristina Carlino (1996), which continues the Bio-Medic professional line. Its main feature is the combination of natural ingredients and the latest developments in biochemistry, which makes it possible to get the maximum benefit from all ingredients—owned by Coty since 2010.

Meaning and History

Philosophy Logo History

The brand pays little attention to identity, focusing more on the contents of the bottles and the effect of their use than on the external “wrapper.” Simplicity and brevity are the main features of the sign. It’s like a call not to focus on the outside, paying more attention to the inner and spiritual, where the true beauty starts. The sign shows it’s easy to care for your skin with Philosophy products.

What is Philosophy?

An American cosmetics brand with a focus on skincare, founded in 1996. In addition to therapeutic products, it offers decorative cosmetics, gels and shower foams, children’s series, and perfumes. The headquarters are in New York.

1996 – today

Philosophy Logo

The company logo is wordy. It is written in lower case in simple rounded letters with small serifs. It was not a coincidence that the founders concentrated on the name, as Philosophy is a brand with an important message.

  1. The company’s cosmetics are natural. It is safe and healthy. It uses the properties of natural components.
  2. Beauty is inextricably linked with health, so the brand tries to produce products that do not just cover skin flaws but also treat and rejuvenate.
  3. Cosmetics are a supplement. A woman’s charm and irresistibility begin with inner harmony.

Philosophy products are not just perfume, lipstick, or mascara but also the way to joy and self-improvement. The company works to make the reflection in the mirror uplifting and pleasing to the customers.

The lower register of the inscription indicates the theme of service. The products are just a means to enhance the quality of life. The woman is the main center. Her choices, her personality, and her inner feeling are what matters.

It also says that the brand fights the problems which are unpleasant and not accepted to discuss aloud: pigmentation, rosacea, and acne. We want to reduce and get rid of these negative changes. Hence, the small letters symbolize secrecy and the reduction of manifestations.

The simplicity of the inscription and the clarity of the letters indicate determination. During its existence, the company has adhered to its views and beliefs. Each new brand product is based on the natural skin, body, and personality features and complements them to form a harmonious image.

Font and Colors

The main color of the emblem is black. In the case of “Philosophy,” it points to the rough, preliminary, and invisible other treatments that help rejuvenate, nurture, and tone up the skin before the makeup is applied. The color shows: the brand’s cosmetics are only a means. How the customer uses it is her right and her creativity.

The logo, made of white backing and black writing, presents the company as if the doctor puts on a white coat and writes out a prescription. Originally Cristina Carlino studied the medical aspects of the problem and only based on scientific data created cosmetics.

The font of the inscription is Karim Regular. The serifs on the letters indicate the zest and the possibility of standing out with the help of the brand’s products.

Philosophy color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
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CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C