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The Puritalia Automobili logo does not convey the exclusivity inherent to the cars of the brand it represents. However, the emblem still communicates the essence of the custom-made vehicles—their individuality. It embodies the combination of advanced technology and Italian craftsmanship.

Puritalia Automobili: Brand overview

In 2010, Paolo Parente embarked on an ambitious journey by founding the company in Naples, Italy. His vision was clear: to create exclusive sports cars that seamlessly blend classic allure with cutting-edge engineering.

Two years later, in 2012, the company made a striking debut with the Puritalia 427 concept car. This model drew inspiration from the iconic Shelby Cobra, capturing the essence of timeless sports cars while integrating contemporary design elements.

By 2015, the company moved from concept to reality by developing the Puritalia 427 prototype. This marked a significant step as they aimed to transform their vision into a road-worthy marvel.

In 2016, the company announced a bold plan to produce a limited series of 427 units of the Puritalia 427. This exclusivity was designed to create high demand among collectors and enthusiasts who value both rarity and performance.

2018 brought a new chapter as the company began developing a hybrid supercar. This project showcased their shift towards incorporating advanced technologies without compromising performance and exclusivity.

At the 2019 Geneva Motor Show, the company unveiled the Berlinetta, a hybrid supercar that redefined luxury sports cars. Limited to just 150 units, the Berlinetta combined electric and combustion power, highlighting the company’s innovative approach.

In 2020, the Berlinetta entered small-scale production. This milestone demonstrated the company’s capability to transform cutting-edge designs into tangible, high-performance vehicles.

Throughout 2021, the company continued producing the Berlinetta while enhancing its technological prowess.

The company’s journey reflects a dedication to creating unique, high-performance vehicles. Limited production runs guarantee exclusivity, making each model a coveted masterpiece among car enthusiasts.

Meaning and History

Puritalia Automobili Logo History

What is Puritalia Automobili?

It is an Italian sports car manufacturer known for creating limited edition cars. The company combines traditional Italian craftsmanship with advanced designs and modern technologies. The cars are known for their unique designs, powerful engines, and exceptional driving dynamics. The brand is focused on providing a personalized and exclusive driving experience for car enthusiasts who value luxury, performance, and individuality.

2017 – today

Puritalia Automobili Logo

The Puritalia Automobili emblem showcases Italians’ passion for luxurious cars and their deep connection to the country where they are produced. The original symbol declares love for their homeland, patriotism, and authentic origins. It represents roots that have reached modernity and innovative technologies. The emblem also highlights traditional Italian craftsmanship.

The key is in the name, carefully placed under the shield, and accented with a tricolor line matching the national flag. It consists of two parts:

  • Pur (from Latin, closely related to Italian – “purely,” “genuinely”)
  • Italia (the well-known designation of the manufacturing country – Italy)

In literal translation, the brand stands for “purely Italian,” “genuinely Italian,” or “truly from Italy.” Thus, the emblem pays great attention to originality, cultural heritage, and national identity. Authenticity is crucial, as Italians adore their country and express this love through their products, ensuring Italy’s good reputation reaches every corner of the globe.

The brand targets discerning drivers who value exclusivity, luxurious appearance, unmatched comfort, elegance, and engineering excellence. This is why the Puritalia Automobili emblem resembles a silver chest badge. This is evident from the shape of the triangular shield with the uniquely placed “P.” The first letter of the name serves as the main decoration, emphasizing the elitism of the cars and other equipment produced.

The strict yet sophisticated glyph crosses the emblem diagonally from right to left and extends beyond the frame, replacing a segment of it. Designers widened the leg of the “P” to make it look harmonious, adding visual balance with a thin, curved stroke. The gray letter on a dark background creates an aura of aristocratic restraint. This was incredibly important for expressive Italians, who are naturally bright and highly emotional. In this case, it was necessary to emphasize impressive restraint, as the company specializes in custom cars for buyers who choose a combination of performance and luxury.

The slanted style of the inscription breathes dynamism and energy into the logo, indicating its association with the automotive industry. The font in the upper row is capitalized, rounded, and sans-serif, while the second row is lowercase, small, and thin. Between them runs a tricolor stripe, painted in equal-length segments of green, white, and red. These distinctly Italian colors are taken from the national flag.