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The Rockwool logo is associated with the products the company manufactures. It reflects the main characteristics of stone wool building materials: durability, reliability, and safety. At the same time, the sign is filled with internal energy and dynamism, indicating the manufacturer’s desire to develop innovative technologies.

Rockwool: Brand overview

Founder:Henrik Johan Henriksen and Valdemar Kähler
Hedehusene, Denmark

Rockwool is the largest developer of innovative mineral wool materials. It works in the direction of thermal insulation, soundproofed suspended ceilings, panels for facades and trains, technical fiber, and production of the basis for growing plants. The Rockwool logo unites 51 factories and 12 thousand employees. The headquarters are in Denmark.

Rockwool’s history began in the early years of the 20th century (1909) with the extraction of gravel and limestone. The company moved to the insulators in 1937 under the American license obtained by one of the owners – Henrikom Henriksenom. In 1972, the partners divided the company. Its part, now known as Rockwool (since 1995) owned by descendants of Valdemar Kähler.

Meaning and History

Rockwool Logo History

The visual mark of the company is strong and constant, like a rock. It has not changed over the years. Its presumed appearance is after 1995 when the company received its present name and began to be traded on the stock exchange.

The image is represented by the logo and the name that follows it. The logo immediately lets the consumer know what material the company works with. Rockwool is a compound word: “rock” – stone, and “wool” – a yarn. In combination, it is literally “rock yarn” or mineral, rock wool.

What is Rockwool?

Danish manufacturer of mineral wool with an annual turnover of 3 billion euros. Includes several divisions: Rockfon, Rockpanel, Grodan, and Lapinus. The company was founded in 1909 by two partners, Henriksen and Kähler.

Powerful and bold font visually captures the essence of the name. Its letters are like sturdy stones, demonstrating the company’s strength, reliability, and confidence in the future. It can overcome all adversities and get ahead of the competition.

Only capital letters are used in writing, which gives the inscription even more weight and authority. In Europe, the company is the leader in producing mineral wool products.

Rockwool Symbol

To the right of the name is the emblem. It consists of a red square with two non-contiguous white trapezoids inside, forming a triangle. They represent:

  • A mountain. Each half of which symbolizes the stones – the basic material for the work. The mountain also alludes to the firm’s past, which began with rock mining.
  • Volcano. The distance between the trapezoids is reminiscent of the mouth of a volcano. The technology of absorbent cotton production was invented after the natural process of volcanic slag called Pele’s hair. When a volcano erupts, if a strong wind blows, it forms thin strands of rock. This method was used in manufacturing by directing a strong air current at the pouring molten mixture. To get absorbent cotton, the rocks initially have to be melted down to magma.
  • Two stages in the life of the company. Two halves of the figure as the two activities that Rockwool did (mining and wool production).
  • Thermal insulation. The emblem – as a construction in section. The inner red rod is hugged by wool particles that help keep the heat.
  • The roof of the house. One of the company’s original lines of business is the production of shingles.

The red square is a symbol of fire and heat, which are both necessary for producing the material and are the main purpose of using mineral wool. In addition, the square is the sign of the insulated panels produced by Rockwool.

The emblem precedes the inscription since the company began dealing in insulation materials long before it got its final name. Going public with the Rockwool name was the next stage in the company’s development, allowing it to conduct research and offer modern mineral wool solutions.

Font and Colors

Rockwool Emblem

The main colors of the logo are white and red.

  • Red is a symbol of energy, drive, and striving to win. It is the color of magma, the molten rock used to produce mineral wool. Red is also the color of love. It shows love for people and the environment. The main direction in which the company moves is to improve people’s lives by using the power of stones. Minwool is a special material that retains heat well, does not burn, and is safe for the environment. All Rockwool products make people’s lives warmer, quieter, and safer. They reduce energy consumption and absorb unnecessary noise.
  • White is the color of innovation. The company is constantly developing new products and technologies for the convenience of modern life. Among its offerings are a wool-based substrate for growing flowers and vegetables, panels for train linings that protect against vibration and cold and many others. White is also the color of honest intentions of protecting the environment.

The font for the lettering is similar to the usual version from the Arial family but bolder.

Rockwool color codes

Venetian RedHex color:#d20014
RGB:210 0 20
CMYK:0 100 90 18
Pantone:PMS Bright Red C