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The Sanoflore logo shows the transformation and improvement of customers’ skin after using the brand’s cosmetics. The emblem says: the company’s products are the gold standard in the world of cosmetology. The company mark on the packaging is a guarantee of performance.

Sanoflore: Brand overview

Sanoflore is a line of active cosmetics, which is part of the division of the French concern L’Oréal. He acquired it in 2006. The company produces biological products for a wide beauty segment and offers products to maintain the face and body’s beauty.

Meaning and History

Sanoflore Symbol

The Sanoflore brand has two emblems. The early one is made in golden colors and emphasizes the elitism of luxury cosmetics. Topical consists of a soft green palette and focuses on the naturalness of the ingredients.

One logo features a tree in the letter “O” surrounded by two phrases: “Certified organic” and “Since 1986”. Below is the name of the brand and the words “Organic Laboratory.” On the second, the tree is arranged in a double ring, and on a wide stripe it is written in French “Certifie BIO” and “Depuis 1986”. Below you can see the phrase “Sanoflore Laboratoire BIO.” In both one and the other, the tree logo consists of four elements: three large branches forming a crown and a trunk.

What is Sanoflore?

Sanoflore is a French organic cosmetics brand from Gigors-et-Lozeron. Its founder is Rodolphe Balz. The company had two opening dates: 1972, when the first herbal farm appeared in France, and 1986, when a production laboratory was created alongside it. The name comes from the combination of the Latin words “sanus” (health, healthy) and “flora” (flower, world of plants). Since 2006, the brand has been owned by the L’Oréal Group.

Sanoflore: Interesting Facts

Sanoflore is a French brand that makes skincare products with natural ingredients.

  1. Beginnings and Beliefs: Sanoflore was started in 1972 in a beautiful part of the French Alps called Vercors Regional Natural Park. It believes in farming organically and using natural products from this area. It wants to make great skincare that’s also good for the planet.
  2. Organic Seal of Approval: Everything they make is officially organic, checked by a big ECOCERT group. This means no bad chemicals or other stuff you don’t want on your skin.
  3. Smart Science: Although they love natural ways, they also do a lot of science to ensure their products work. They have a special lab for testing plants and oils.
  4. Amazing with Oils: They know a lot about using plant oils to make your skin feel and look good. They pick the best plants and turn them into oils that help your skin in different ways.
  5. Friendly Farming: They work with farmers in the Alps to grow plants without harming the environment. This way, they get the best ingredients and help keep the place green and beautiful.
  6. Thinking Green: Sanoflore tries to be green in everything it does, like using recyclable packages and reducing waste and water use.
  7. Products for Everyone: They have many different products for all skin types, whether sensitive, oily, dry, or showing signs of aging. Each product contains special plants for different skin needs.
  8. Winning Awards: People have noticed their work is good and have given them awards. This shows they’re doing something right with their mix of nature and science.

Sanoflore combines the best of nature with smart science to create skincare that’s good for you and the earth. It is known for being organic, caring for the environment, and making products that work.

Font and Colors

Sanoflore Emblem

The inscriptions in the emblem are made in the Sans Serif typeface – chopped, sans serif. The letters are mostly lowercase. Basic colors are gold, green, and silver. The first is cosmetics for the elite; the second is the naturalness of the components.

Sanoflore color codes

Raw UmberHex color:#816040
RGB:129 96 64
CMYK:0 26 50 49
Pantone:PMS 7575 C
Pale GoldHex color:#f5c387
RGB:245 195 135
CMYK:0 20 45 4
Pantone:PMS 713 C