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Sanoflore Logo
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Sanoflore is a line of active cosmetics, which is part of the division of the French concern L’Oréal. He acquired it in 2006. The company produces biological products for a wide beauty segment and offers products to maintain the face and body’s beauty.

Meaning and History

Sanoflore Symbol

The Sanoflore brand has two emblems. The early one is made in golden colors and emphasizes the elitism of luxury cosmetics. Topical consists of a soft green palette and focuses on the naturalness of the ingredients.

One logo features a tree in the letter “O” surrounded by two phrases: “Certified organic” and “Since 1986”. Below is the name of the brand and the words “Organic Laboratory.” On the second, the tree is arranged in a double ring, and on a wide stripe it is written in French “Certifie BIO” and “Depuis 1986”. Below you can see the phrase “Sanoflore Laboratoire BIO.” In both one and the other, the tree logo consists of four elements: three large branches forming a crown and a trunk.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

Sanoflore Emblem

The inscriptions in the emblem are made in the Sans Serif typeface – chopped, sans serif. The letters are mostly lowercase. Basic colors are gold, green, and silver. The first is cosmetics for the elite; the second is the naturalness of the components.