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The bright emblem corresponds to equally vibrant emotions and memories. Therefore, the Six Flags logo is associated with adrenaline, fun, and joy people experience while visiting amusement parks. It also reflects the atmosphere of the attractions, emphasizing their uniqueness and variety.

Six Flags: Brand overview

Founded:August 5, 1961
Founder:Angus G. Wynne
Arlington, Texas, U.S.
The Six Flags brand encompasses dozens of amusement parks throughout North America. The company’s headquarters is in Arlington, USA, where its first amusement complex, Six Flags Over Texas, was introduced in 1961. It was divided into six zones dedicated to the culture of the countries that once owned the state. After other parks were opened, the concept changed since it was no longer tied to the history of a specific area. Each location offers unique attractions and shows for visitors of all ages.

Meaning and History

Six Flags Logo History

The Six Flags Entertainment Corporation has undergone several name changes, but each invariably mentioned the six flags in the company’s logo. Originally, they referred to the following countries:

  • Confederate States of America;
  • United States;
  • Republic of Texas;
  • Mexico;
  • France;
  • Spain.

All of them, at different times, ruled the territory of Texas. When Angus Gilchrist Wynne Jr. decided to establish an amusement park there, he wanted it to be thematic – so that each zone reflected the history and cultural heritage of the region. He dedicated six sections to those countries associated with Texas and used their flags as part of the attractions’ branding. In 2017, any reference to the Confederate States of America had to be removed for political reasons.

The flags on the corporation’s emblem are not linked to any particular country, not even the USA. They look like small triangular pennants, similar to those on a golf course. This neutrality is because the company now operates many amusement parks under the Six Flags brand across North America, meaning their symbolism is no longer tied to the history of Texas.

What is Six Flags?

Six Flags is the former name for the Six Flags Entertainment Corporation, which oversees a chain of amusement complexes featuring various rides and water play areas. These are located in Canada, Mexico, and the USA. The company was founded in 1961 when the American businessman Angus Gilchrist Wynne Jr. opened a theme park in Arlington, Texas.

1961 – 1992

Six Flags Logo 1961

This is a classic logo with the inscription “SIX FLAGS” written in a decorative font resembling “Circus” by Dan Roseman. The letters have expansions on the top and bottom, with wavy edges. One part of the word is colored orange, and the other is red. The two colors smoothly transition from one to the other, embodying vibrant emotions. Logos with this design can still be seen on older attractions.

1992 – 1998

Six Flags Logo 1992

Artists depicted seven white triangular flags attached to slender poles of varying lengths. They are positioned within the negative space inside a large blue polygon with a split base and wavy sides. The company’s name is now written in black letters using a unique font characterized by the following:

  • diagonal cuts on the ends of the strokes;
  • oval internal letter gaps;
  • a triangle replacing the usual round dot above the “i.”

1998 – 1999

Six Flags Logo 1998

In this version, used for one season, each flag is painted in its color: green, orange, pink, purple, yellow, and turquoise. They still vary in height but are now grouped in a colorful “bouquet” and placed inside an irregularly shaped black vertical stripe. At the bottom, there’s a similarly irregular circle. Together, the two geometric figures form a stylized exclamation mark – a symbol of expression. The brand name has been shifted to the left, retaining the font.

1999 – 2015

Six Flags Logo 1999

To make the logo optimistic, designers retained the black color solely for the “SixFlags” wording. There is now no space between the two words. The letters no longer seem to jump but now have a slight tilt to the right. Colorful flags (orange, green, blue, yellow, purple, and pink) are pinned to a red triangle, complemented by an overlying trapezoid and part of the exclamation mark. This emblem became popular during the Premier Parks era.

2004 – 2015

Six Flags Logo 2004

Alongside the vertical version was a horizontal one where a red exclamation mark with multicolored flags separated the two words in the brand name. This logo format was introduced in 2004 when the amusement park in Ohio was renamed Six Flags Worlds of Adventure.

2015 – 2019

Six Flags Logo 2015

Now, the flags are positioned more compactly since they’ve been moved closer to the center of the exclamation mark. Due to the gradient and the curved shape of the triangles, it gives the impression that they are fluttering in the wind. Dark blue is used instead of pink.

2019 – today

Six Flags Logo

Behind the writing and flags, an image of a popular roller coaster with a winding track system has been added, on which carts are rolling. The blue structure clearly shows the tracks, depicted as thin lines. The passengers have raised their hands, expressing the thrill of the exhilarating ride.

Font and Colors

Six Flags Emblem

The italicized Six Flags font is likely a modified ITC Kabel Bold. Designers tilted the letters and slightly changed their shape to create a playful mood. The triangle over the “i” imitates a small flag.

Six Flags Symbol

Bright colors are used in the logo, evoking positive emotions. Yellow, orange, purple, green, red, and various shades of blue draw attention to the amusement parks. The black lettering stands out perfectly against their background.