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The image revealed by the emblem is full of cunning, gloating, and mockery. Does the Spitfire logo seem to be asking if the user is ready to fight him? At the same time, he is sure of victory and his superiority. Winning is waiting only for owners of inventory from the company.

Spitfire: Brand overview

Founded: 1986
Founder: Fausto Vitello, Brian Ware
San Francisco, California, U.S.
Website: dlxsf.com
Spitfire is a skateboarding brand owned by Deluxe Distribution. And that, in turn, is a subsidiary of Ermico Enterprises, Inc., founded by Brian Ware in 1986 in the city of San Francisco. A year later (in 1987), Deluxe formed its brand to distribute accessories for skateboards and skateboarders.

Meaning and History

Spitfire Logo History

This brand was incorporated into Deluxe Distribution almost immediately, as the company began to specialize in everything related to skateboarding. And to cover the maximum range of products, she founded her brand, making it the most sought-after supplier of skate wheels.

But they were only the beginning of a resounding success. To make wheels a super-useful attribute of narrow specialization, the brand was first to divide them into two basic groups. She uses a special formula to make wheels for street riding (F4 Streetburners) and stunts in skate parks (F4 Parkburners).

Then other themed products appeared in the range of the Spitfire brand. The next logical step was board bearings – reliable and durable. Today they are considered the best in their class. Then the product line was replenished with tools, accessories, stickers, and clothing for skaters. These include platforms, wheels, jackets, baseball caps, paraffin wax, skins, belts, wallets, bags, buckles, socks, long sleeves, T-shirts, windbreakers, backpacks, and much more.

At the same time, the manufacturer treats its products with high responsibility so that skateboarding fans feel comfortable standing on the boards and performing various tricks. The list of models is constantly updated. Moreover, some samples and even entire lines are created by Spitfire in collaboration with famous brands from the world of fashion and skateboarding. The brand tries to present collections in capsule form so that each series is designed in the same style – from caps to bearings.

Spitfire Symbol

The company uses a variety of designs to mark its products, including its logo. She prefers a youthful, drive-in design that energetic and young people like. The manufacturer focuses on the tastes of the team, as it consists of renowned skateboarders. It includes Grant Taylor, Bryan Herman, Erik Ellington, Peter Hewitt, Theotis Beasley, Eric Koston, Andy Roy, Peter Ramondetta – about 25 people. They form the backbone of the Spitfire brand.

The designer of the unique logo is Kevin Ancell. He created such an original sign that it has been included in the top 10 most successful skateboarding symbols for many years. And all because it corresponds to the company’s name and conveys emotions – exciting, unbridled, hype. The feeling of inner delight, bordering on aggression, is reflected in the grin, a smile with teeth clenched from tension. Indeed, in the process of riding on the board, everything manifests itself simultaneously – both wild delight and no less wild fear. The same sensation is emphasized by a tense and at the same time self-satisfied look, as well as the hair sticking up in the form of sharp tongues of flame.

To enhance the excitement and savagery, the designer depicted triangular teeth – in the form of tightly clenched fangs. The dark lines between them resemble a zigzag sliding path on the surface. The lips are stretched in a tense smile and are tinted black. He also circled the rest of the details of the emblem. The eyebrows and eye lines are also dark, which contrasts well with the white pupils. The main part of the glowing head is yellow or red. The black outline enhances the vicious aggression effect, making the recognizable logo outside of skateboarding. Today it adorns all products manufactured under this brand.

Font and Colors

Spitfire Emblem

There is no signature in the logo, so the author did not choose the font. He gave preference to the visual component based on the elaboration of the color scheme. For a logo of such a risky and driving sphere, he chose a combination of yellow (or red), black and white.

Spitfire color codes

Golden Yellow Hex color: #ffdd1c
RGB: 255 221 28
CMYK: 0 13 89 0
Pantone: PMS 108 C
Bright Yellow Hex color: #faaf1e
RGB: 250 175 30
CMYK: 0 30 88 2
Pantone: PMS 137 C
Pumpkin Hex color: #f47524
RGB: 244 117 36
CMYK: 0 52 85 4
Pantone: PMS 1585 C
Black Hex color: #010101
RGB: 1 1 1
CMYK: 0 0 0 100
Pantone: PMS Black 6 C