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The Wiesmann logo shows technical perfection and brilliance. The company’s cars are unusual, with a bright and eye-catching appearance, a bit like a gecko. The sign demonstrates streamlining and maneuverability.

Wiesmann: Brand overview

Founder:Martin Wiesmann, Friedhelm Wiesmann
Dülmen, Germany
Wiesmann is a small German company that was temporarily closed in 2013 and, after a short hiatus, decided to return to the automotive market. It appeared in 1988 and occupied the niche of handcrafted convertibles. It was founded by the Wiesmann brothers – Friedhelm and Martin. One of them received an engineering degree, and the second was a born businessman, so he knew how to turn his brother’s profession into a profitable business. By joining forces, they opened their factory and began the production of roadsters. The debut model went on sale in 1993.

Meaning and History

Wiesmann Symbol

Despite initial success, the project fell through. It turned out to be unprofitable, so Friedhelm and Martin could not finance it for a long time. The company never entered the US market because its cars were too expensive. The niche manufacturer sold sports cars for 150-200 thousand euros, and the cost grew with each new model. This is due to manual assembly, and limited edition – Wiesmann produced up to 180 cars a year. Each one was adorned with a gecko emblem.

Only a few could afford such machines, and the American market for the company was forever closed. Therefore, in 2013, Wiesmann decided to declare bankruptcy. The owners tried to sell the business to the CMMW consortium, but the deal did not materialize. In the end, the brand was bought out by the Indian brothers Sahir and Roheen Berry. The new owners had no problems with money and immediately began the process of rebuilding Wiesmann. They announced the release of the first model in 2020. The original gecko logo has been preserved as an iconic historical value.

The car’s design has not changed much either: it can be called pretentious but elegant neo-classic. The prototype was tentatively named Project Gecko and had an unusual coloring that mimics the color of a reptile. Production is carried out at the plant in the city of Dülmen. The industrial building is adorned with a huge metal gecko figure because this animal is the main symbol of Wiesmann.

In addition to the lizard emblem, the company uses a word logo that contains several inscriptions. At the top is the brand name, and below it is the phrase “MANUFAKTUR DER INDIVIDUALISTEN.” Both lines are the same length because the designers combined two fonts of different sizes.

Like many other car brands, Wiesmann uses an animal emblem. But unlike them, she chose not a tiger or a jaguar but a reptile. The designers made the gecko figurine compact and silvery, detailing the fingers with suction cups – five on each foot. As far as we know, this lizard can stick to any surface. The company has focused on this characteristic, drawing a parallel between tenacious geckos and reliable cars that seem to “stick” to the road.

Wiesmann: Interesting Facts

Wiesmann is a unique car brand loved by car fans for its mix of old-school craftsmanship and modern tech. Founded in 1988 by Martin and Friedhelm Wiesmann, this German company makes custom sports cars that look classic but are packed with the latest technology.

  1. Philosophy and Founding: Wiesmann aimed to make sports cars that blend timeless design with new technology. Their motto means they make special cars for people who want something different.
  2. Gecko Logo: Their logo, a gecko, shows that their cars have excellent grip, just like a gecko sticks to walls.
  3. MF Series: Their cars are known as the “MF” series, named after the founders. Each model, like the MF3, MF4, and MF5, offers unique performance and luxury.
  4. Hand-Built Cars: Each car is hand-made in Dülmen, Germany, focusing on craftsmanship and custom options, making every car a piece of art.
  5. BMW Partnership: They use BMW engines, which means their cars are powerful and reliable, thanks to BMW’s technology.
  6. The Wiesmann Factory: Known as the “Gecko Cave,” Tobias Wallisser designed their modern factory with a roof shaped like a gecko.
  7. Global Recognition: Despite being niche, Wiesmann has fans worldwide. They are known for their cars’ driving experience, unique design, and rarity.
  8. Financial Challenges and Revival: After facing bankruptcy in 2013, Wiesmann is bouncing back with new investments and plans, focusing on innovation.
  9. Project Gecko: Announced in 2019, this project aims to make a new model that respects Wiesmann’s roots while using the latest tech, showing their determination to keep their special place in the car world.
  10. Limited Production: Their cars are rare because they focus on quality and customization, making them extra appealing to collectors and enthusiasts who want something personal and different.

Wiesmann combines traditional car-making with modern features in a rare way today. Their commitment to making custom, quality sports cars makes them a beloved brand among car lovers everywhere.

Font and Colors

Wiesmann Emblem

A stylized italic font is used for the brand name. The letters are very condensed and similar in shape to lowercase. The upper corners on the left side are partially rounded, and on the right, they are left sharp. The “e” and “a” have open rounded lines. As for the phrase “MANUFAKTUR DER INDIVIDUALISTEN,” it is written in strict roman type. All characters are uppercase, thin, and not serif.

The emblem with the image of a gecko is silvery, and two additional colors are mixed with the main color – black and white. In some places, there is a gradient, but there are also areas with solid spots. This is done on purpose to make the logo look like a three-dimensional car badge.

Wiesmann color codes

Cobalt BlueHex color:#004199
RGB:0 65 153
CMYK:100 58 0 40
Pantone:PMS 661 C