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Bad Bunny Logo

Bad Bunny Logo
Bad Bunny Logo PNG

Bad Bunny is the stage name for Benito Antonio Martinez Ocacio, a reggaeton and trap artist from Puerto Rico. The young singer became popular immediately after the release of the single “Diles.” He is known for his musical styles and experimentation, for which he has received several high awards, including the American Latin Grammy.

Meaning and History

Bad Bunny Symbol

The choice of a personal logo for the rapper was unambiguous: he used a negative image from childhood memories. The fact is that when Benito Antonio was a child and misbehaved, he was forced to wear rabbit ears. This touching story shows how important childhood is for every person and that it is necessary to look for the roots of all motives of behavior in it.

The artist made an ironic but emotionally bright emblem for the performer. It consists of a picture and words written in bold Against. Sharp lines look sophisticated and modern in black.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

Bad Bunny Emblem

Bad Bunny’s logo directly echoes the rap singer’s creative pseudonym. It depicts the head of a “bad rabbit” with raised long ears as if the hunted animal is always on the alert and listens to any suspicious rustle.

At the same time, he is really bad: you can expect anything from him. This is evidenced by the evilly narrowed eyes, drawn in crosses, and a grave mound in the center, replacing the nose. This image optimally reflects the rapper’s character, which he is incredibly proud of.

Thanks to the high popularity of Bad Bunny and the emblem’s visual appeal, today, it is in high demand. The corporate logo flaunts on badges, covers, T-shirts, baseball caps, and other trendy items.