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BlackBerry Logo

BlackBerry Logo
BlackBerry Logo PNG

BlackBerry is a series of mobile computers manufactured by the Canadian telecommunications company BlackBerry Limited. The first device, introduced in 1997, looked like a pager. In 2002, the firm entered into the production of business smartphones, but in 2016 abandoned this direction and focused on creating software.

Meaning and History

BlackBerry Logo History
Evolution of the BlackBerry Logo

The BlackBerry brand was developed by the American marketing corporation Lexicon Branding. She closely linked its logo and name, depicting a multifilament fruit and the inscription “BlackBerry” on the trademark. This word was not chosen by chance: the company’s specialists thought that the black device with many small buttons is very similar to the famous forest berry.

1999 – 2004

BlackBerry Logo 1999-2004

The debut emblem consists of a balanced combination of graphic and text elements. At the top, there is a stylized envelope with a thin wavy line twisting from the left corner. It is connected to the contour of the letter and continues it harmoniously. At the bottom is the one-piece trademark name – “BlackBerry.” The word is written in capital letters and divided by color into two fragments: the left zone is red, the right one is black. Above each of them is one of the graphic elements: above “Black” is a curved strip, above “Berry” – an envelope. The main background for all elements is white.

2004 – present

BlackBerry Logo 2004-present

The emblem consists of seven semi-ovals, which coincide with the in-letter gaps “B” in shape and size. To create these elements, the designers used the original negative space art technique. Even though the graphic sign components are arranged chaotically, their proportions and style are strictly prescribed in the brand documents.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

BlackBerry Emblem

The copyright holder of the logo prohibits distorting the image. It only allows changing the color palette – and then within certain limits. The main shades of preference are classic white, black, Obsidian Blue, Blackberry Blue. Also, additional blue tones are allowed: Indigo, Space, Ocean, Regal, Azure, Brilliant. Accent colors can be turquoise and satin.

BlackBerry Symbol

In the new logo, the two “Bs” give the brand name a distinct sonic expression. In writing, they are originally stylized and converted to upper case. Their uniqueness is emphasized by the Roboto typeface, invented by Christian Robertson for Google products. Bold, italic, and sans serif letters.