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Bonprix: Brand overview

Bonprix, headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, was founded in 1986 and began its journey as part of the Otto Group as a mail-order catalog specializing in inexpensive women’s clothing. The company grew rapidly in the 1990s, with its catalogs and retail operations expanding into European territories such as France, Italy, and Spain.

In 1998, Bonprix opened its first online store, offering German customers the opportunity to browse the catalog digitally. Over the following decade, the company began to capitalize on the power of digital technology, expanding across Europe and creating its own fast fashion brands, such as Ria Menorca and Lascana.

2011 marked another transformation for Bonprix with the opening of its first retail outlet in Hamburg, complementing its thriving catalog and e-commerce segments. International horizons expanded in 2010, with Bonprix launching specialized platforms for markets such as China, Russia, and the United States.

A notable recent trend has been Bonprix’s shift to omnichannel retailing, including physical stores, mobile apps, and active engagement with social commerce platforms. Moving forward to 2023, Bonprix will be the dominant player in the German fashion retail market, known for its diverse offerings – from apparel and lingerie to accessories – at competitive prices. An integral part of Bonprix’s metamorphosis into a holistic fashion brand was the introduction of online shopping in 1998 and the opening of physical retail space in 2011.

Meaning and History

Bonprix Logo History

What is Bonprix?

Bonprix is a global leader in online fashion, offering a wide range of affordable and stylish clothing for all sizes and body types, promoting inclusivity and easy global access to the latest fashion trends. The company was founded in May 1986 and is headquartered in Hamburg, Germany. Through the online platform, shoppers around the world can easily purchase the latest fashion trends from the comfort of their own homes.

2000s – 2019

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2019 – 2023

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2023 – today

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The Bonprix logo is simple, smooth, and fluid. This combination makes a pleasant impression on customers, attracting them with its soothing design. In this way, the German brand demonstrates the convenience of the clothes and the ease of navigating the online store. Despite the black color, the flowing letters look friendly as they have no corners or sharp angles – even the ends are rounded. The font is unique; it was created according to a personalized design. In addition, all the glyphs are lowercase, bold, and blocky.

The logo is like a warm welcome saying, “Hey, stop by and see us; we’re cool.” It’s not screaming colors and shapes but rather a friendly nod. The rounded letters make it look like a scribble that you can sketch while immersed in your thoughts, which is nice. Having your own font is as great as a secret handshake.

Bonprix color codes

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CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C