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The Endemol logo is made in a minimalistic style. The company wanted to show its seriousness despite being in the business of producing entertainment content. And she succeeded: all emblem elements look restrained and create a visual balance.

Endemol: Brand overview

Founded:1994 – 2015
Founder:Joop van den Ende and John de Mol
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Endemol is a Dutch company specializing in the production of entertainment content, including games and videos. The joint-stock company was founded in 1994. In 2015, the company was abolished due to a merger with the Shine Group. Since 2020, it has become a component of the Banijay media company. Endemol was headquartered in Hilversum, the Netherlands. In addition, the project branches were located in 23 states, where analogs of the cult Endemol projects were produced.

Meaning and History

Endemol Logo History

During the project’s existence, four versions of the logo were presented to the target audience. Even though, since 2020, Endemol has become one of the components of Banijay, the logo of this media company cannot be considered one that refers directly to the Dutch project.

If we talk about Endemol as an independent company producing unique projects, then the years of its life can be formulated as 1994-2015. We are talking about the time before the merger with a major market representative, namely the Shine Group.

The history of the brand’s development can be divided up to 2015 and since then. The Endemol logo was quite bright and attractive at all stages. If we talk about the company’s emergence in more detail, it also appeared in the process of merging two local television studios, which belonged to Joop van den Ende and John de Mol. As a result, the name of the new company was formed to combine the names of the owners.

What is Endemol?

This is a Dutch cult project that has been operating on the European and world market since the end of the 20th century. More than a dozen projects have been released that have received cult status and are popular today.

1994 – 2001

Endemol Logo 1994

The first version of the logo was presented in 1994, almost immediately after the project’s launch. It existed for almost seven years and, during this time, succumbed to only minimal changes that were not noticeable to the masses. The logo looked stylish and elegant. It consisted of the word “ENDEMOL” in classic bold serif type. They were black capital letters with thick lines. In addition to the brand name, the logo also featured two mirror arcs with oblong rays. These elements were made in blue but visually associated with the sun. Each of the arcs had seven rays. In addition, some of the company’s customers associated the emblem with an eye, which was a direct allusion to the company’s main task, namely the production of video content.

2001 – 2016

Endemol Logo 2001

The only redesign as an independent company took place in 2001. The changes were global. The Endemol logo has become more modern and confident. While the stylized eye remains unchanged, the emblem has been redrawn in an updated style. Inside the dark blue oval, made diagonally, was the verbal name of the brand. Unlike the previous version, these were lowercase letters. The font also succumbed to changes; it became more attractive but at the same time quirky. A little higher from the name was a white circle that resembled an eye. Beneath it was an arcuate line that had pointed ends.

2015 – 2016

Endemol Shine Group Logo 2015

At this stage, the company merges with the Shine Group, which is also displayed on the logo. The emblem, stylized as an eye, was completely removed, and instead, it remained an exclusively verbal inscription in three lines, each of which contained one of the words “Endemol Shine Group.” All symbols were executed in bold geometric sans-serif. A shade of gray, approaching brown, made the inscription more bold and brutal. It should also be taken into account that the 2001 logo continued to be actively used despite the merger with the Shine Group until the end of 2016.

2016 – 2020

Endemol Shine Group Logo

The 2016 redesign kept the color palette of the previous version of the logo. Interestingly, the well-known company Pentagram was engaged in updating the logo. One of the key changes was word placement. Now they were located not in three lines but one. At the same time, globally, it was one continuous element without spaces. For the target audience to understand where a new word begins, the first letters in them were made in capital letters. The font itself has been slightly modified. He looked more classical. All symbols had a smoother and more rounded shape, which made the logo more sophisticated. There were no emblems or other additional elements on the logo. Since 2020, the company has become part of Banijay, and the new logo of this media group has nothing to do with Endemol.

Font and Colors

Endemol Symbol

Each new logo redesign added new features in the style of writing word names. However, in the latter version, the classic sans-serif is closest to the Bauhaus Akzidenz Grotesk. Thus, the logo looks more confident and clear.

Whereas Endemol’s indie days favored a bright color palette of blues, cyan, and more, the company’s latest designs have settled on pale greys. Despite the monotony, it looks confident and progressive; the target audience has no problems reading the inscription.

Endemol color codes

Medium Electric BlueHex color:#00507d
RGB:0 80 125
CMYK:100 36 0 51
Pantone:PMS 7692 C
Davy’s GrayHex color:#555459
RGB:85 84 89
CMYK:4 6 0 65
Pantone:PMS Cool Gray 11 C