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The elegant NIKI logo attracts attention with its simplicity and expressiveness. The brand symbol is represented by a round oval drawn with a broad brush in dark red paint, which symbolizes the integrity and unity of the company.

Inside the oval is a NIKI brand name written with a brush, which stands out against the general background and adds elegance and sophistication to the logo. The name represents values such as quality, innovation, and professionalism.

The painted visual mark indicates the creative and unconventional approach of the brand, which leads to the development of innovative and unique products. It conveys the company’s image as creative and professional, striving for excellence and providing the best services to its customers.

The identity reflects a competitive advantage, which lies in the quality of products and in the high level of professionalism and experience of the company’s employees.

The NIKI emblem is an expressive and emotional symbol of its brand, reflecting its tradition, quality, and innovation. It is an important identity element and attracts attention and recognition among potential customers.

Niki: Brand overview

Founded: 28 November 2003 – 14 December 2017
Founder: Air Berlin
Schwechat, Austria

Meaning and History

Niki Logo History

Niki color codes

Crimson Glory Hex color: #c20437
RGB: 194 4 55
CMYK: 0 98 72 24
Pantone: PMS 193 C