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Although the Registered logo is used only for trademark rights protection, many people associate it with quality and reliability. Consumers think that products of brands with such a mark must necessarily meet accepted standards. In reality, this symbol is important not for consumers but for manufacturers themselves.

Registered: Brand overview

In the 19th century, there was a sharp industrial surge, leading to a large number of new manufacturers. Many of them feared that competitors might spy on and steal their ideas. For this reason, various trademark laws began to appear at the end of the 19th century, but the most important was adopted in Great Britain in 1938. It established new principles that served as a model for other countries. In 1946, the Lanham Act was introduced in the United States. It defined how the standard symbol of a registered trademark should look.

Meaning and History

Registered Logo History

The letter “R” in a circle became the symbol of a registered trademark only in 1946 after the Lanham Act was adopted in the USA. This set of rules establishes the norms for the use of trademarks in the USA. Before standardization, each company used its own designations, including verbal marks like “Registered” or “Reg. U.S. Pat. Off.” (Registered U.S. Patent Office), which led to confusion. They needed to be unified and ordered to avoid problems with intellectual property protection.

What is Registered?

The registered trademark symbol, depicted as the letter “R” in a circle, is a means of legal protection. It indicates that a particular object (word, phrase, image, design) has been officially registered and now belongs to one owner, so it cannot be used without their permission. This symbol was first introduced in 1946.

1946 – today

Registered Logo

The ® symbol appeared in 1946 following the introduction of the Lanham Act. It warns that the trademark has been officially registered and is now under legal protection. The letter “R” in a circle is usually placed at the end – often in the upper right corner, but such placement is not mandatory. The standardized ® symbol is widely used not only in America but also around the world. In Unicode, it is represented as U+00AE. It is also permissible to use lowercase or uppercase “R” in parentheses. The letter “R” was chosen because it starts the word “Registered,” and the circle serves to highlight and frame it.

Font and Colors

Registered Emblem

The font of the ® symbol can vary depending on a specific company’s preferences. However, most cases use a standard variant, such as Arial, Helvetica, or Times New Roman. The main requirement is that the “R” be clear and easily readable within the circle.

Colors are chosen considering ease of perception, as the sign can be displayed on any background. The standard combination of black and white is usually preferred, but altering the palette and even making the image multicolored is allowed.

Registered Symbol