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Yuanhang: Brand overview

Founder:Dayun Group
In 2022, nestled in the Shanxi province, the Chinese Dayun Group gave birth to its new electric vehicle subsidiary, Yuanhang Auto. The brand was introduced to the public at the Chengdu Auto Show that year, revealing an impressive lineup of four electric vehicles, encompassing an SUV, sedan, minivan, and pickup truck.

Drawing inspiration from its name, which translates to ‘Far Navigation’ or ‘Voyage’ in English, Yuanhang embodies the spirit of innovation and forward momentum. The Dayun Group envisions Yuanhang as a high-end electric vehicle entity, tailoring its offerings to the discerning Chinese market. These vehicles are anticipated to be long-haul runners and boast cutting-edge technology, integrating intelligent connectivity and paving the way for autonomous driving.

As part of its infrastructure developments, Yuanhang has built a state-of-the-art manufacturing hub in Yuncheng, slated for completion in 2023. The brand is poised to roll out its inaugural models, the Voyage One SUV and Voyage Granse sedan, in the same year. With its entry into the market, Yuanhang has set its sights on rivaling Chinese EV giants like Nio, Xpeng, and Li Auto.

Although the company has aspirations to etch its name on the global electric vehicle map, for now, Yuanhang’s strategy zeroes in on carving a niche within its home territory.

Meaning and History

Yuanhang Logo History

What is Yuanhang?

In 2022, the respected Dayun Automobile Group presented the world with Yuanhang, a groundbreaking brand aiming to transform the luxury electric vehicle sector. Leveraging their vast experience in the commercial vehicles, trucks, and buses arena, Dayun Group ventured into creating a luxurious and eco-friendly transport alternative, successfully realizing their vision with Yuanhang.

Operating from its base in China, Yuanhang is a global brand with an ambition to share its luxury electric vehicles with customers worldwide. Recognizing the significance of international visibility, they are devoted to broadening their global footprint, ensuring that their vehicles bring joy and satisfaction to clients worldwide.

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