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The Chewy logo is positive and playful, thus evoking a sense of friendliness in customers. The joyful mood is conveyed through expressive design, unconventional placement of the inscription, and informal font. Together, they create a unique style that characterizes the company’s marketing concept.

Chewy: Brand overview

Chewy is an American online pet supply store offering many products. It provides pet owners with various foods, care products, and toys for the active development of their beloved pets. The company was founded in 2011 in Plantation, Florida, by Ryan Cohen and Michael Day. Its headquarters are located in Dania Beach. The original name of the brand was Mr. Chewy.

Meaning and History

Chewy Logo History

The company, dealing with various aspects of proper development and comfort of pets, was created by two young men who set themselves a noble task. Their caring attitude towards animals was transferred to the online store, which gained incredible popularity for its kindness to our smaller brethren. Now, on the website, one can find everything necessary for the happy and healthy life of various pets: dogs, horses, reptiles, cats, rodents, birds, and fish of all kinds.

In general, it’s a site for comprehensive upbringing and care for pets, where owners can choose everything – from toys to medicines and from food to bedding. The online store’s owners chose a simple and optimistic logo to show customers a positive attitude towards the animal world. The joyfully jumping letters make the emblem energetic, and the light color adds lightness. It perfectly resonates with the brand’s slogan, “Where pet lovers shop.”

What is Chewy?

Chewy is a popular American web resource where one can buy any goods for pets online. In particular, it sells a wide range of food, medicines, various care products, and toys for pets. The brand has been in existence since 2011, founded by Ryan Cohen and Michael Day in Plantation. The main management of the online store is located in Dania Beach, Florida.

2011 – today

Chewy Logo

In the Chewy logo, only the name is used. Graphic elements are absent. However, they are beautifully replaced by diverse glyphs, hinting at the rich assortment of the product line despite the typicality of products for pets. Although the text is horizontal, the symbols are unevenly placed: each has an individual position, representing the animal characters’ individuality. Some letters are tilted to the right, others to the left. There isn’t a single properly standing sign, making it seem as if they are bouncing (“h,” “w”) or swaying (“c,” “e,” “y”).

Preference is given to an extra bold font with wide lines. All glyphs are bubbly, rounded, accidental, grotesque, and in lowercase. Thanks to the white color, they appear as if located in negative space, standing out against a blue-cobalt background. The high contrast ensures the name is clearly visible, although there are no outline lines. The inscription is connected, as the letters are typed together: each has a single point of connection with the subsequent and preceding symbol.

Font and Colors

Chewy Emblem

The typeface of the “Chewy” inscription is characterized by increased boldness. The font is bubbly, soft, and light, making it unobtrusive and airy despite the massive letters. Due to the white color and rounded ends, the glyphs look like miniature clouds. The brand palette includes two colors: white (used for the name) and cobalt (serving as the background).

Chewy Symbol