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A retail chain that sells products for creativity loves anything creative. But Hobby Lobby’s logo is not original and looks standard. It’s adapted from store signage and other mediums, including digital.

Hobby Lobby: Brand overview

Founded: August 3, 1972
Founder: David Green
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, U.S.
Website: hobbylobby.com
Hobby Lobby is an American company that was founded in 1972. It is one of the largest retail chains in the USA. She sells goods for various types of art. Hobby Lobby is headquartered in Oklahoma. Today, the company has offices in all states. In total, over 40 thousand people work for the organization. The company’s estimated revenue is US$5 billion.

Meaning and History

Hobby Lobby Logo History

Visual brand awareness is high as Hobby Lobby has over 10 million customers annually. The logo at all stages of the company’s development had only a verbal inscription without additional elements. For all time, three versions of the logo were presented to customers. Speaking globally, it has always been concise, minimalistic, and, therefore, easy to remember.

What is Hobby Lobby?

This American retail chain provides American customers with a large selection of art supplies.

1972 – 1981

Hobby Lobby Logo 1972

The original version of the logo was presented immediately after the founding of the retail chain. It was a verbal inscription done in a blue and orange color palette. A classic bold sans-serif typeface with rounded corners was used. Different colors demarcated the words “Hobby” and “lobby.” Interestingly, only the letter “H” was capitalized, while the rest were lowercase. Under the main level, the organization’s slogan, “Creative Centers,” was also introduced under the main level. Thin lines in capital letters made the inscription difficult to read. She had no unique details and was considered an addition to the brand name.

1981 – 2015

Hobby Lobby Logo 1981

The first logo redesign took place in 1981. The presented version lasted 24 years, and many still associate it with Hobby Lobby. The color palette has become even more concise, as only dark red was used. Now all the letters in the word inscription were capitalized. They had a double white and blue outline, which created a sense of volume in the image. There was practically no space between the symbols, so a feeling of unity of all elements was created.

2015 – today

Hobby Lobby Logo

The last redesign to date took place in 2015. Now the verbal inscription was presented in two lines. Interestingly, the second word of the name “Lobby” was slight to the right than the first. The color of the logo has been changed to orange. Also, a classic font was used, but with super-bold lines in sans-serif letters. Sometimes, an additional inscription “Super Savings. Super Selection!” is used.

Font and Colors

Hobby Lobby Symbol

In general, the company did not try to surprise the target audience with an unusual font for a word inscription. Classic bold sans-serif was used in letters with rounded corners. Only the thickness of the lines and the style of writing individual letters changed.

Each stage featured a unique color palette that stood out from the other options. The first and last variation was dominated by orange, replaced by dark red from 1981 to 2015. Pleasant colors attract the attention of Hobby Lobby’s potential customers. Therefore we can say that this choice is justified because, in this way, the inscription can be placed on any surface.

Hobby Lobby color codes

Neon Scarlet Hex color: #ee4523
RGB: 238 69 35
CMYK: 0 71 85 7
Pantone: PMS 172 C